Monday, October 17, 2011

in room to sleep

so i started off tonite playing poker, started getting stuck, and missed out on a high hand of $321 by not checking a boat, which wouldve turned into 4 of a kind. lost $253 and then rebought $500, started coming back, and eventually left the table with $893. made first mistake by not going home to bed. instead i went out to the 100 play 5c VP machine, lost over $230 and then went back to the poker room. then i started losing but it took a while and took 2 bad beats on big hands preflop, once with KK against AQ allin pre, and once i lost with 88 on a flop of JJ8. making this short cause dead tired. went back to the machine only this time the 25c/50c 50 play machine and almost lost $300 very quickly, but ended up getting 4 deuces on one hand out of 50 on the max bet of $125 a hand, and then left the casino with $839, of which about $80 was profit for the day.

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