Tuesday, October 25, 2011

just finished washing clothes, drying clothes, and folding clothes.

the landlord has no key for the mailbox, and i just got done with all my laundry finally, so im good for the next 3-4 weeks. and i had no problem opening the garbage bags this time. was so dead tired when i got home last nite but still couldnt sleep right away. finally got a few hours sleep and woke up about 9.30 this morning, so my sleep hours have changed around.

its only $1 to dry clothes for 60 whole minutes. and $1.50 to wash. soap is provided without charge. and i added bejeweled blitz to my list of facebook games, although i dont care much for the 1 minute timer. and when i move out i cannot get my deposit back the same day dammit, they insist on mailing it to u instead.

and last night i went over to the GSR to be there when they were doing the football squares promo in the poker room because i had so many squares, but i never got picked once. went from being $106 ahead to leaving about $20 down because i had had so little sleep getting up at 5pm and having my sleep interrupted a lot i couldnt play that well. (i didnt have the patience to fold enough, and when not getting hands, tried to force the action.) i dont know when ill ever get my $170 withdraw from BCP, its not been approved yet and will be a long wait. will have to keep the post office informed of change of addresses from now on. ive only got $12 left on the site so im now playing very small so i dont have to turn around and reverse the withdrawal. if i do manage to get the withdrawal im way ahead since i only deposited $25.

i will end up playing at GSR later in the afternoon today after i eat, (although at nites they are still sitting out a decent buffet in the pokeroom, (why dont vegas do that?). its better to play the night shift only thing is the games dont last as late at nite as in vegas, but the house is very generous about sending in loose dealers to play in the games and reducing the rake to a very small amount, $2 6 handed, maybe even $1 4 or 5

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