Wednesday, October 12, 2011

just waking up, way too late at nite, i slept way too many hours

so in this dream i was looking for my aunt patty who was retarded (and who died many years ago in the same nursing home Grandma was in) and i dreamed my son mark and i were walking around in a school and id gotten a message on the phone that she was living in a certain building. so as soon as i get to the 5th floor and get past 2 students and start walking up some stairs, all of a sudden the building changes to one of them real dump rooming houses i used to live in yrs ago with community bathrooms and i cannot remember the room number, it was something between 545 and 655. and the phone im carrying turns into a remote control for the TV and i see a lady i think might be her, but she swears she isnt and dont know my Grandma. so my son yells out to go ask the manager which room shes in. so all of a sudden i find us both outside looking to walk around to the other side of the building to ask at the main office. i start running down the street behind him, only hes walking faster than me, and i cannot catch up. a train blocks my way, and then the conducter moves the train so i can get by. then a different train blocks another track up ahead, moving towards me but extremely slow, so he slows down so i can pass. so i pass and right after i pass i see a mexican guy asleep by the tracks. but i can hardly walk, and im on a drawbridge, (like u see lift up when a ship passes) and i cannot get off it quickly enough, and as the trains passing, im about to be lifted up really really high in the air over the water and im hanging on for dear life, and i hear the mexican guy laughing at  me right as i wake up.

now last nite i still dropped $50 in VP and i still wasted $130 in a tourney, but i won enough in cash to come out ahead about $320 it was the night before that killed me. i got way stuck and went to the peppermill, out about $600 from live poker and a tourney, and a little on VP there, and then went just to investigate if they still had the better paying VBJ machines. they did with a horrible $1-5 spread was all. and only on the $2 and $4 bet did u get the 3-2 on BJ. so i found a big split poker machine where u could bet as little as 2 credits on the 5c or 40 credits on the $2 with a humungous spread to martingale and lost over $1000 more

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