Sunday, October 2, 2011

ok ive got some bad news

i am now relaxing in an extremely nice motel room not far from the bus station in sacramento, but a lot went wrong earlier today, and eventually i blew up due to the stress. thank God i have a bankroll so high that after a major blowup, i can still get back on my feet the next day in a new location, but around $600-700 of its gone, a lot just on bullshit expenses.

to start with, i checked out of my room at the extended stay america in rancho cordova, and the manager of that casino nearby is nice, and stored my luggage in the trunk of his car while i was playing until he gave me a lift to the lightrail 4 blocks up about 6pm. i left when i gave back about $150 in one round of blinds and wanted to leave while still ahead a little. its not really that great an area, most of the residents arent white although at the extended stay america in the nicer area other side of the freeway most are. so i took the first train into downtown sac and was trying to make the last bus into reno, which i thought was between 8-9pm which wasnt true.

so i get downtown, and then find out the bus station has been MOVED. to another location quite a long ways out. so im looking for a cab, and seem to be in a very bad area of downtown filled with nothing but homeless people similar to downtown los angeles. carrying all them things and suitcases is so damned heavy i cant walk very fast at all. and finally i flag a cab down. i see a very cheap hotel like an old rooming hotel ask the price and they only rent monthly for $500 a month, shared bathroom etc. was so glad a cab would stop and get me out of the area, i was totally lost and uncomfortable in that area.

so i went to the greyhound, and i find out ive missed the last bus, and the next ones at 3.30 am. well i dont want to sit there all that time, so i finally convince the ticket agent to hold my bags for a $20 tip when really theyre not supposed to. then i go back out and take a cab to the casino driver asks me if that really where i want to go and he can take me to a better casino and i assume hes just trying to run up the fare so i decline. fare comes to $17 with a tip of almost $2.

so im playing NL at the capitol casino, and i start to get stuck, and eventually moved over to the $2-5 NL game when stuck almost $300 part of it because i paid $40 for a massage knowing it was my last chance at $1 a minute rates. turns out the guy i sit down on my right by when a brand new $2-5 table opens is the owner of the casino, and the young kid on my left a guy at another table wasnt being nice to him so he moved. so we all start playing with a full table and its tight as hell. and of course we all know about the $5 drop if theres a flop. i find out from the owner i got charged way more than the cab fare shouldve been, and that pisses me off too. fare shouldve been $8 as i found out later with another cab driver. he really rode way way out of the way. and of course im tired, dont really feel like playing just wanted to get on the bus and sleep. and continue to get more on tilt and more stuck, partly cause im not good at dealing with emotional stress.

finally im down almost $450 so i tell the owner i cant chop my ak and he says thats ok and folds, but no more chops. i didnt think hed care since $2 obv means nothing to him like it does to me when i want to recover every cent i can to stop this horrible evening. about one orbit later, when stuck about $500, the kid on the other side of me then refuses to chop since i didnt chop with the owner, his friend. and obv he dont need the money like i do, hes been winning. so i totally lost it then and tell him if he needs my $2 that bad he should get a job, shove all his chips over, and yell that i want to get the fuck out of there and never come back and tell the owner to please ban me for life, and instead of waiting for a response, go straight to the cage and out the door, cashing in what few chips i had left sorry but when im stuck i cannot cut others breaks and dont chop. i feel desperate when stuck and am willing to do things i normally wouldnt for $2. and i really didnt feel like playing anyway wanted to relax in a motel room and sleep while i waited for that bus, but felt stupid wasting money on a room.

so im soon in a cab called by security, different cab of course, not the one who gave me his card and longhauled me. and i get about to the bus depot for the $8 it should be when the cab driver suddenly gets a call. this cab driver knows the owner and plays there alot, which is why they use him. seems i left my laptop behind at the table. well im so glad they called and mentioned it before id left the cab, i was too upset when i quit the game to even think about it. so i return, grab the laptop, thank the owner, and tell him ill message him on his casinos facebook page and talk. (which i never got around to doing since it turns out id sent an earlier message the day before they didnt answer). and the owner never said a word to me at all, which is odd considering the scene id caused. but i knew i didnt have any business playing anyway being emotionally upset.

well i still didnt want to sit around a bus depot til 3.30am so i got my bags at greyhound that id paid so much to be held, and rode the same cab to a nice safe $66 hotel and its a very nice place and im in my bed to sleep one of the nicest beds ive ever seen. will just take the first bus to reno when i wake up.


  1. if you need the 2 bucks that bad, maybe you should get a job !

  2. If you knocked my chips over...WE WOULD BE FIGHTING. If you can not control your emotions. You should not be playing cards.

    Tony, its ok for you to NOT chop, but you what a chop in your big blind. FU. The kid did nothing wrong. You were a dick. Grow up.

    It's unreal that you can not wait like normal people. That you want someone to look after your bags and when she accepts for a $20 tip you get bend out of shape. If I were her...I would have said NO. Move along, sir. 9/11 we can not do that.

    Good luck on your circle trip. Las Vegas-L.A.-San Jose-Capital-Reno-Las Vegas...your soooooo funny.

  3. So it's OK for you not to chop when its to your advantage, but not OK for someone else not to chop when it is to their advantage against you. So you have a major blow up over $2, and once again you become Mr. asshole because of your own stupidity.

    Bit like when we were playing at O'sheas, and I felted you when you made a bad all in bet against me. Then you tell me its my fault you lost the hand, and that I should tip the waitress for your drink because you didn't have any chips left in front of you to tip her.

    Also like when I sent you the money to pay the vet to have your mother's dying cat put to sleep, you then told me I should send you more because the amount you originally told me, and which I agreed to send you, ended up being less than it actually cost you to have your mother's cat put to sleep. So you were out of pocket by about $30 extra.

    Now its someone elses fault that you lost your phone on the bus, and simply because no one has handed it in, you assume that it has been found, and you now consider it to be stolen. You lost it!!!!!

    After you little tantrum in the casino, you don't know how lucky you are you even got your laptop back. You see Tony, even after being a first class prick to others, people still have the decency to try and do the right thing by you. But you just don't get it, or see the real world. Its always "poor, poor. pitifull me."

    Tony sometimes you are a real class act. Its always all about you, and why every one else is to blame for your misfortunes. Some day, you are going to really push someone's buttons the wrong way and end up flat on your back.

    You seriously need to get some anger management counselling.


  4. Tony you made a complete ass hole of yourself, you showed your true colors Tony. What amazes me is how did you not get the shit beaten out of you. Tony i believe you are the one that needs to get a job.

  5. The train wreck continues. Get the hell back to Vegas.

  6. The train wreck continues. Get the hell back to Vegas.

  7. So sad how one thing leads to another...

  8. Tony,

    The title of this post is misleading. I did not see any bad news in this post, just more of the usual. When you say "bad news", I was expecting an illness or injury.

    The fact that you had yet another outburst and lost money is not bad news, it is the same old news, but happening on a different day at a new location.

    You lost money playing bad poker when tired and then threw a little bitch fit. Big deal.

    If you continue to act in this manner, eventually there will be nowhere for you to play and no one to help you out when you get in a jam.

    You have alienated a lot of people that have tried to support you. Your selfish, childlike behavior is unacceptable and one day you will run across someone that will kick your ass. Not everyone recognizes that you march to a different drummer and some guy with a short fuse is going to hammer your ass. You do recognize that you aren't really built for defending yourself against a physical attack.

    Straighten up and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Quit blaming others for your foolish actions and man up.

    Remember, even the good machines are -EV. As you head to Reno they will be calling you on the way to your room after you have stacked off with bottom pair, no kicker against a crazy, loose asian guy that flopped the nut straight. Do not let the machines get the best of you take your roll!

    Good luck,


  9. well my pissed me off was the kid didnt want to not chop because he needed money, he actually had a shitty hand he just did it to be a dick cause i didnt chop with another guy. and im wondering how they straightened out which chips were his with the way i shoved them out across the table.

  10. I would like to echo that if you touched my chips you would be picking your teeth out of your tonsils. Not sure why you become hercules when youre mad. If you dont chop with others then others wont chop with you. Quite straightforward.