Thursday, October 20, 2011

playing a $50 sng DON on blackchippoker

last nite, while in my room after i came home from GSR, i turned my $383 on blackchippoker into $85. yeah it wasnt so good, but at least ive been doing ok playing live. won $144 at the casino tues nite. and now its thurs morning and i had an even bigger win at the casino tonite. i won $667, but i shouldve won MORE. i kept getting lucky with aa, one time a guy with over $350 shoved preflop with 66. i walked into the casino with $1061 and lost over $470 of it on VP waiting for my seat, and sat with $589. i turned the $589 into $1737 and had a huge lead in chips when the game finally broke around 5am. rolls now about $11,900. still though i dont think it would be a good idea to renew this apt, reno is probably not the best fit for me.

at least ive got electricity again. i didnt know how long my food in my freezer would stay good. and i didnt want to go home too early cause i didnt know if the power would be back on yet. and i didnt know the power was off when i first woke up because my laptop was still working for about 30 more minutes til the battery died. all i knew was i couldnt turn the light on. (didnt notice at first the laptop was on battery).

now while typing this, i won my $50 sng thank God, otherwise id been down to $12 online, so now ill have $112 online. i dont consider that part of my roll, but it DOES keep me from having to reduce my roll by depositing online. also while typing this, yahoo messenger showed me a new incoming email showing a new person posting in my blog.

not quite as dead as i thought it would be with the pot of gold over, but there was only 1 table going tonite instead of 2. what i mean is the game lasted much later than id have guessed. there were 2 fish at the table who both had jobs and didnt care about the money. and i will have to do my laundry at least once while in reno within a week, but there is a laundry facility within the building.

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