Saturday, October 1, 2011

relaxing in my room and about to sleep

pretty safe motel, in a small suburb although since its near the end of the metrorail line i dont think all the neighborhoods that safe. alot of blacks in the area. some are really poor and/or young looking since its near a lot of hiways and mcdonalds. not too far from a walmarts and some grocery stores, but this side of the expressway over the bridge looks safer than the other side. im in one of the better motels, nice fridge and microwave, for $63 a day or $350 a week instead of the more unsafe motels up the street for $233 a week or $39 a day. this same hotel chain in san jose would be $99 a day or $79 a day if paid via weekly.

and considering i deposited another $2000 in the bank today on top of the $6000 i deposited yesterday, i have well over $10,000 in the bank now and have little cash on me. and im missing $100 somewhere, i think i miscounted my money, still have a little over $13,700 total but never did have $13,900 like i thought i did the other day.

i have only about $800 cash on me. but i think this is a safe place anyway as long as i dont do much walking to and from the casino at nite like ive been doing a few times.

theres more than 1 cardroom around near me and also an indian casino quite a ways further out. some available on public transportation some not, and some by shuttle. this one cardroom is very tiny, but has a good promo for omaha8 in the morning, $80 chips for $40, must play 2 1/2 hours or go bust. but the heavy $5 per hand drop makes it a tough game, it being limit. i was up $150 and then eventually left 3-4 hours later only up $63. and yesterday i lost $100 between it and holdem due to way too many house employees shortstacking. some of which were shills and not props.

today i found a better cardroom, although they dont provide transportation like the first place does. but they do have a good deal. 2 hours free meal, (the other one dont sell food) theyre not strict about no cell phones like the first one, and at least at the NL here u must buyin at least $100 up to the biggest size stack. so most of the stacks are $50-300 some over 400. i won $98 in it over the course of 5-6 hours. action was better, still players are more decent than in san jose and tougher dont yet know yet how id do over the long haul.

am investigating tour buses into reno and lake tahoe to see what i can find out. in the meanwhile i love my room, hate to give it up, not sure how long ill stay. either need to leave today when i wake up, or commit to an entire month. u see theres a good promo here. the top 20 players in hours per month get a lot of money, from $100 to $1700. even 7th place in total hours gets $1000. and for some weird reason most people dont get too many hours. top place got in just over 200 hours and 7th got in about 100 hours. getting that would be SO easy and would pay my rent in full almost every month. i can put in 60-70 hours a week if i need to, and easily get #1. ive never seen any kind of promotion like it anywhere in the country would love to be told of it if it exists elsewhere. also u can get up to $25,000 spinning the wheel for aces cracked, most get $25-50 though.


  1. Glad to see you are finally getting it and banking most of your roll. It should give you more peace of mind...something I sense you do not have much of.
    Were are you exactly and what are the card rooms you are referring to?
    If it is not a secret,publishing a bit more detail on these places and rooms would make your blog more interesting.
    Keep grinding, but make some time for yourself and for Gods sake do or see something different not related to poker

  2. Glad to see you are staying in a room that is not connected to a casino, you will rest a lot better Tony. When you get back to Las Vegas you should really consider getting a place of your own Tony, i really believe it will actually improve you poker game and life in general. Good luck at the pot of gold in reno, TBC.

  3. Top 20 players in hours get cash back? Top 7 get at least $1000??? OMG! That's perfect for you. All you do is play poker! Playing O8? Nice room with a fridge? You're in heaven!

  4. too bad vegas dont have theses kinds of offers.