Sunday, October 23, 2011

sleeping the wrong hours again

2pm to 10pm is NOT the hours i want to sleep. i want to sleep 7am to 3pm if i could choose. i dont like waking up near this late, and i just got back from the Atlantis and am about to go to sleep now. i did buy a jug of milk so i could eat cereal on the way home.

ive been told on saturday nites atlantis has a big O game and sometimes it becomes PL. not sure how often it goes though. its a much much bigger size room than it was a few years back although most of the tables arent being used.

i couldnt sleep at home earlier, and after still being down for the day, finally rode over to the Atlantis. i wanted to see if they still had any 3-2 bartop VBJ machines they used to have. and also a guy at the GSR told me about a table BJ game at the silver legacy. (hes a professional card counter). supposedly the game at the silver legacy is a shoe game with extra good rules, $5 min, double any two cards, double after split, and u can double on MORE than 2 cards and pays 3-2 on BJ. and he says sometimes a counter should double on 12 against 5? anyone know about this? and i just wanted to discuss with Rob singer how i often bet similarly.

anyway the atlantis DID have some 3-2 VBJ machines at the bar, with a spread of 1-20 units, of 5c, 10c, 25, 50c and $1. funny thing was on the 50c and the $1 BJ only paid even money. can anyone figure out why? ud think it would be the other way around. kind of encourages betting SMALL. only the 5c 10c and 25c denominations pay 3-2. but yeah u can bet from 5c 1 hand to $20 one hand. im not sure of the actual payback, it should be LESS than the 99.3% on the slots of fun VBJ because u cannot double any 2. only 10 and 11. would like someone who can tell me the payback. But i could be wrong the payback might actually be MORE and heres why. here 6 cards 21 or less is an automatic winner instead of 7 cards (making it come up alot more) surrender is still allowed, and heres the BIG thing, that im wondering adds how much to the payback. if u are dealt AA, and u split (1 card each) and are dealt a face card on one of the hands the computer sees it as a BJ and gives 3-2. NO live table would ever do this. actually the machine gives 5 for 2 which is the same as 3 to 2.

so about the atlantis poker room. i had NO idea a game was going because just like mauihole, they never announced it over the intercom. and 2 guys were playing HU $3-5 NL for about 3 hours. i came by and was shocked to discover a game going. so i sat with $300 and both guys had well over $1000 in front of them. and i know i dont usually do well in games that shorthanded. but since they were straddling the button i figured i might have an edge. (i just dont respect that play much.) and i lost the first $300 rather quickly calling down with JQ on a board with KJ4 on the flop when he raised his straddle. (id been folding too much). and he was loose. was glad to see the table slowly start filling if u call 6 handed full that is. eventually left with $1332 out of $300+$787. earlier id won $45 at the VBJ. i got away with some bluffs, and also lucked out hitting a 3 outer on the river with J8. and made a flush once. never got dealt a single big hand such as JJ QQ KK AA or AK. except one that lost.

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