Saturday, October 29, 2011

well its not been a good week in poker at all lately.

am running out of money rapidly. the other day was still at $12,600. and now im at $10,400. two days ago i think i posted on here about a loss of over $950 at the peppermill. now thursday nite, i think i never got around to posting at all. and i left the GSR that nite early because the game broke up so early. me and the dealer MIKE rode a cab to the silver legacy, where i checked out the BJ game that allows doubling down even on the 3rd and 4th card. i won about $80 in that game and mike left to go home. so then i walked into circus and their small stakes spread limit had already broke like i knew it would, so i ended up walking to the gold dust west, and losing about $400 on VP in there left pissed, (not really the best area of reno to be walking downtown in) and walked back to the sands where i proceeded to buyin for $700 at BJ table. had it up to over $900 then started losing, and then i went for 3 hands of $200 each to get even so i could leave. dealer had 5 showing, and i had BJ, 22, and 20. i was feeling good, got paid on the BJ. then i split the 2,2 and got 12 on the first hand, then another 2, split again, got 12 again, and then 6 which i hit for 18. and i stood on the 20. so i had 4 whole hands of $200 each at risk. dealer turns over 8 for 13, and then another 8 for 21. and thats why i shouldnt bet so much. it all comes down to a few key hands. wouldve been $1600 better off had she busted.

am sitting here eating a pizza and playing DON sngs on BCP. seattle irish is at home eating a pizza and playing games on PCP.

so i went into the eldorado and bought in $1446 in the $1-2 NL poker game, (i could do this because i was NOT the biggest stack). and i actually won $200 before the game broke. and then went home later about $909 behind still.

didnt wake up til about 11pm tonite, and i went over to the casino, because the girl in the pic i posted told me she was gonna be at the casino tonite and said to be sure and be there when she texted my phone. by the time i got there she had been drinking alot. she lives alone with 2 pets has one son whose 18 and one whose 20. i began losing due to being on tilt from the night before and left the room very frustrated out $250. and the girl was quite understanding. i watched her lose $5 of her money in a machine later and then went back. the girl thought i wasnt enjoying her company since i walked back so fast, but i just do that normally anyway. i then lost again, and the game broke, with me out $325. she understands autism and i talked on the phone with her for some time when she got home. nice of her to show me all them things about my phone.

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