Thursday, November 3, 2011

back in my room to sleep

and im in the $11 rebuy on BCP. PLO8. and i didnt have enough for the addon, so i shouldnt have played. if i dont money this, will only have $4 left online. still overall playing online wasnt a bad experience, the most i ever deposited was $25 and i did have $230 sent to my bank. its great how easy it is to find an honest buyer on 2+2 who will usually give u 80-90c on the dollar. sure is a lot better than having to remain at one address til a check comes.

ended up making $108 today among various games at the eldorado, and i still wish i didnt get tired til after midnite, but getting up at 7am i was tired and wanted to go home a little before 6pm. i have not even been at the GSR the last 3 nites, they probably wonder whats became of me. was nice of pokergrump to repost on his blog but i wish hed tell me i mightve not even known had i not happened to look at his blog.

am prepared to move out of here, although it wont be into another apt just yet, still unsure how long i can live free in reno hotels and when ill leave. i did find out it is official policy at harrahs reno only 3 free nites in a row instead of the 5 nites in vegas. and now im outta my tourney. dammit. i dont wanna redeposit, wanted to play forever off the original $25 and get many more withdrawals outta it. like all the other pros do.

holding onto $11,200.

unlike many of the jackasses who post on this blog, thats a lot more money in cash than most people have. most people either dont have jobs, or live off govt assistance, social security, or if they do have a job live only paycheck to paycheck. they owe tons of dollars in either student loans, credit cards, mortgages, car loans, none of which i owe. they cant survive without borrowing from dollar loan stores, which i havent done. they are not above water at all, and owe way more than their net worth. only a very few are wealthy. lots of people couldnt survive more than 2-3 months without a paycheck without losing their place to live. and its because unlike me everyone spends all their money right away instead of keeping it in a checking or savings account, knowing they have more coming in if they are broke. i know a terrible lot of women without cars, or even with internet access in their homes, at least ones ive talked to. and some people even work more than 1 job at minimum wage to survive they are so broke. this bankroll of mine is quite impressive and instead of stressing out about not having as much as some wealthy people, i should be happy for what i have. im way better off than a lot of the homeless. most people if they had to come up with $3000 cash immediately to keep from dying would not be able to do it. only gamblers can and thats because they keep their money in cash (although locked up in banks and casinos of course) instead of spending it. most people keep a balance in the bank far below $500, and thats why they often bounce checks. i dont know why so many assholes post on here.

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