Friday, November 18, 2011

feel tired, maybe enough to sleep, maybe not, not up to playing poker though.

played very little poker since arriving in vegas except for about 1-2 hours at binions this morning once i checked out of my room in the 4 queens which i got free from my host last nite only. couldve had 3 days, but id already booked ballys.

got a long sleep, then went over to binions to collect my $200 free slot play for Nov that i didnt know for sure i had coming. played it through, cashed out $201 and went over to the poker room. started off winning, and had it up as high as $288. then i flopped a set of 8s and lost to a set of kings on a flop of K82. also i lost another pot shortly thereafter to a guy that flopped jacks full.

rebought about $163 more, and eventually cashed out $111 when vince showed up. we picked up my stuff at the 4 queens, and went to ballys to check in only it took a few hours because vince kept getting cable jobs to pick up and i sat in his car 2-3 hours. also i left my laptop in binions poker room and had to pick it up later.

tonight vince and i went to the lucky club, i took him to eat, used my $30 free play, (the free play from earlier in the month was too late to use) and vince talked me into playing a few hands of VBJ with him, and i ended up losing $125.

now im back in my room resting. and im now down to $8400.

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