Friday, November 25, 2011

finally back in my room at circus to sleep, no cell phone all nite, its being charged now finally.

yeah all nite i was unable to get online, my phone died a long time ago and because i didnt have my charger with me ive been without it all day. its charging now, and i still havent checked if i got any phone calls or text messages, although i doubt it. instead i check everything online, and now that im finally done with email i can go and update the blog. i could take notes on my phone about hands so i wouldnt always forget if it just wouldnt die all the time.

the wynn charges ur phone in their poker room, but i really dont have the roll for $1-3 NL instead of $1-2 or do i and just dont know it? i did play there a little bit today, won about $45 and left. earlier before i went over i ate in the riviera, Christine had the poker room open a while, no customers ever showed so she gave up and closed the room down. i used up $20 of my comps. got stuck $135 on the VBJ there too, but won over $225 in VBJ at the wynn. and i got $30 in free play at wynn mon-thurs sometime next week i must not forget about. so i did have a big meal for thanksgiving.

so after leaving the wynn, instead of going to ceasers for the $110 PLO tourny, i really dont want too much variance right now, or any losses, so i rode the bus to the stratosphere after buying a $7 daily pass. (otherwise id rode it all the way downtown without the pass). proceeded to lose about $35 there, and my table broke, so then i did ride it downtown.

again downtown, i couldnt win at poker, but couldnt lose at VBJ. in fact VBJ or live BJ has been responsible for most of my wins since returning to vegas. the pokers not been too good, and i wish that wasnt so, for i know this cannot last. would like to know im still good at poker. rolls back to $8600, of course ive got some phone and net bills very soon, so it wont hold. won over $300 on VBJ at binions, and $30 poker binions, plus my $20 coupon, but in the golden nugget i lost over $180 at poker. QQ being the loser again of course, the board was 10 7 2 flop with 2 clubs, and the turn an offsuit 6, giving both players a straight. id probably make better blog posts if i wasnt always making them when finally back in bed dead tired.

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