Tuesday, November 22, 2011

finally back in my room

wec dont fundamentally understand implied odds at all. there was a post some time back on another blog or forum, cannot remember exactly where and who posted it, but the gist of the post was that to set mine u should have 15x or more behind instead of 7x. maybe even 20x. and if i remember right it was GROUCHIE HIMSELF who posted that. unless im wrong and it was pokergrump or pokerdogg. certainly not just 4x like wec claims. $15 raise and $60 behind being enough. im pretty sure her and my stacks werent both over $225 behind on my $15 raise. if they were that just means i shouldve raised to $20 preflop or more instead of $15.

grouchie really needs to finish the challenge but he wont since he may no longer be ahead if he did. i just got off to a bad start early. about 10-20 hours means nothing.

i had to go with the best info i had available on the woman on the few hands shed been sitting there, i think like 5-10 deals.

i started off today by winning $79 at ballys $1-2 NL and felt good. walked over to bills for aces cracked, and couldnt get anything, let alone aa. lost my $20 buyin twice, once on a flop of 68T against 9T when i had a set of 8s and the money went allin on the flop, and the other time on a race of my AK against his TT preflop. during aces cracked its best to only risk $20, lots of others do so too.

then i walked over to the flamingo barber shop, its very expensive in there, $85 for both a haircut and beard trim. i used up all my comps and still paid over $30. But now thats done and over with. shouldve just took a bus up flamingo to a real barber instead. didnt want to bother with it.

walked back into bills (mistake #1--thats a horrible game and ive still got just barely enough to buyin a slightly bigger game). and bought in for $140. was playing almost no hands, but eventually when down to about $120 finally had to play a hand with JJ. the game had a couple action brits, and one of the usual raisers raised it preflop. it was a little bit bigger raise than usual, and i had position so i didnt reraise because we were fairly deepstacked. everyone else dropped. flop comes 357 with 2 hearts if i remember right. he bets $20 and i didnt want to commit all my chips, so i raised to only $40 to see if he would come over the top, (wanted to know if my hand was good.) he only calls, and that was when i knew i was in the lead. (the pot was getting big). turn comes offsuit Q. he checks and ive got no choice but to shove my final $75 or so. turns out he called my raise on the flop with KQ? he couldve been drawing a lot more dead than he was. anyway i didnt rebuy, i left and went and played the 50play VP at bills and eventually lost $200 more on it. (mistake #2).

so i decided to go over to the lucky club for the 5x points on the VBJ (surprised that promo still in effect) and sure enough one guy i recognized was over there and doing well. (only he has hi-roller status ive lost mine because it must be renewed monthly and i need 20,000 points a month). and of course, he advised me to please not mention the promo anymore. which i dont, and besides no one believes me anyway who reads my blog. they all think its not beatable so no worries. i only managed to get about 6800 points tonite, but i was betting pretty small for me, since my rolls so low. and i wasted $60 in cab fees. $30 each way and used the same cab, i got his phone number to make sure one showed up this time. and i gave a tip each way, fare is about $27-28. somehow the $674 i started with when i got out of the cab became $1050 by the time i quit playing, and now im in my room with $1020 of it too tired to do anything but update and sleep. at least now im only down $25 for the day instead of $300-400. and ive still got $68 in cashback eventually whenever i reach hi roller status again to get dollar for dollar instead of 50c on the dollar, is why i didnt cash it out tonite. my average bet used to be about $10-30 during the promo and i racked up points quickly, but tonite my average bet was about $4-8. and i never made a single $100 bet, most i ever bet was $88. i did get a bunch of drawing tickets though for fridays drawing if i want to go. Vince might be willing to go over there with me friday, hopefully hes willing to stay for all 3 drawings. ive got 68 tickets.

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