Tuesday, November 29, 2011

finally checked into my room at the IP, shouldve done so hours ago.

vince hasnt been feeling the best lately since he had a root canal and is soon going back to the dentist to have a crown done, maybe thats why hes not been answering his phone much or paid me the $20 he owes me, but he was just gonna wash laundry at his home instead. i am out in about 1-2 days.

the day started out so good. had $8800, and at one point today i couldve had $9200. but instead ive still got only $8800. at least ive got my monthly $80 verizon laptop internet access bill paid now. things started out good when i got a text from my old landlord in reno that id get my $250 deposit back mailed to my vegas address, minus a $100 cleaning fee. ive been wondering whats going on with my deposit.

other money i know ill eventually have coming(besides this $150)is $200 in cashback at the lucky club (for my 20,000 points) that im not taking til im certified as a hi-roller so ill get dollar for dollar instead of 50%. and of course $200 or so in the great gift wrapup at the flamingo on dec 1-5. who all that reads this blog is in this years great gift wrapup? share ur experiences and dont forget u can take free play instead of gift cards, which is almost the same as cash. would be curious to know the max someones got, im sure if i played nothing but harrahs all year id get close to $1000.

waited forever at 12.30pm for the bellman to come to my room at circus to check out. my bags are way too heavy with the food, and ill gladly give it to anyone who wants it including vince if i ever hear from him. why? because i no longer think ill be getting an apt anytime soon. i didnt get a whole lot of sleep because i went over to the lucky club late sunday nite to be there at midnite, (when the promo started) and instead of playing there all day i left as soon as i had the needed 20,000 points before the end of Nov. lost about $150 while playing, and at one point i was up $370 and also was down over $400 once.

so when the bellman finally came and i gave him my bags, i then went to head over to the riv for the football squares promo which i had mistakenly thought started at 1.15pm instead of 5.45pm. so i get over there, theres NO GAME and i find myself playing VBJ while waitiing for the game to start, by the time i leave the VBJ and the poker game starts, im up about $450. (this is why i thought it was gonna be a good day at first.)

i buyin $50, eventually lose that, (as usual i cant remember the hands this much later) and rebuyin for the odd $84. (no point in breaking a $100 bill). lot of good players here so i want to not buyin too much. thats the problem with locals room with promotions such as TI's and all the places with freerolls like RIO and riv etc. (lot of the same people play all 3, etc). it runs the tourists off, and kills the game as far as loose action is concerned. (plus a lot of them promotion abusers love to shortstack for whatever reason). and they dont do because their roll is less than me do they? who knows. and eventually i lose the $84 too, then rebuy $100, and it takes me along time to lose the $100, and by then the football squares is ending, and of course i never won a dime off it. (nor was anywhere close to having the right squares). i do remember a couple of hands. i had 38 offsuit in the BB, flop comes 336 and the winner had 66. another hand i raised preflop with QQ a guy put me allin for $24 more and he had KK. another time another hand i lost i had 99 and raised on a flop of 853 and he won with his 38 in the BB. hands i couldnt really get away from, especially with a small buyin.

so i leave and go to circus to get my things and take them over to the IP and also to empty my safe deposit box at the cage and open a safe deposit box at the cage in the IP. while in circus i see a gemtiles machine and proceed to get $150 ahead, then lose it all back and an additional $192. it was my 2nd chance i blew to have a big win for the day.

now i have no idea what became of Carmen, nor why she never answered me back on facebook (odd she didnt just delete me as a friend, and also odd she didnt delete my posts in her blog). without knowing what i said wrong, ill make the same mistakes in the future with other women. i'm sure reading others comments in my blog embarrassed her, so i do blame people like wec. this is a great example of why Britni says i shouldnt have a blog at all, and is probably a reason she isnt online hardly at all either. however im sure her readers would love to know what made her uncomfortable. obviously it wasnt my posts (regardless of what pokerdogg and wec think) because she originally wrote to me in my blog, and on facebook, and gave me her old phone number to text --I never call women, only text--(maybe thats a mistake in itself) ALL THIS WAS LONG AFTER I MADE THEM ORIGINAL OLD POSTS. not after the final post in her blog of course, but after the first few posts. i think she must of been curious to see who i was (and when she found out i dont look near as good as i do in my facebook profile pic) (because im not shaved) and wear old clothes, she lost interest, especially if her mom is a bills regular and knows me. i dont know if thats true, but a lot of people at bills are assholes and wouldnt speak well of me because of my disability and i dont care much for that room. the game really sucks there too and the players just arent that easy to beat. way too many long term regulars. i dont think ive played with her mom much, but its possible. i was however referring to the MALE players at bills though, and the dealers, the ones who mightve told her all kind of shit, some of which might be thier mistaken ideas about me thats not true.

not worried about it though, and would like to move on, although id like to hear what went wrong, and all i ever wanted was a friend to play poker with anyway, not a romantic relationship like wec thinks, i havent said a word to her since online once i had contacted her enough to be sure i wasnt gonna hear back. NO woman is ever gonna want to talk to me if i dont do a lot more censoring of others comments on my blog, (they wouldnt respect me if i let people talk about me the way WEC does.) at least wec should see i made an effort to step outside my comfort zone and talk to a woman online and try to arrange meeting and sitting and talking somewhere in private to get to know each other. its just i have zero relationship experience with woman so i have no idea what to say and what not to say. its better to say something than not trying at all, it helps me get experience in whats good and whats not good, but without any feedback i still dont know what went wrong. im just curious why she posted in my blog wanting to meet in the first place. because of Lorna, (who WEC has on his facebook friends list and never would say why) i feel like women will NOT talk if i dont give them money, and will if i do. guess thats why im always bringing money up to women. and somewhere i feel like women are looking for a guy to help them out and take care of them so they wont have to struggle so hard. but her mom is so rich she really doesnt need anyone to help her but her mom. i mean its not like im the only option.

anyway i found another girl i might be able to hang out with. her name is Laura and she plays poker. not sure if she is local or not, but she has a phone number in the 818 area code. i seen her at a casino the other day, she went broke, and spoke to the old man sitting by her whose hands always shake really bad how she had no BF or husband. i talked to her away from the table, at the bar in the back, and she gave me her facebook info and her cell number. she mightve watched me that day, but she was awful tired and i think went home.(but maybe back to los angelos, not sure) she told me i could message her anytime. and i think ive seen her playing before. i hope the infos right, ive not tried to phone and not sure what to say on the phone if i do. i did leave a message about 12 hours ago. i wish there were some women reading this blog that could give advice. not even cardgirl reads it anymore. akgal stopped reading it long ago. Christine sharkady and jennifer gay dont read it either.

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