Thursday, November 17, 2011

from the cab

passed thru tonopah just over an hour ago, very spotty internet access here thru verizon and my tmobile phone isnt working at all, am in the cab where he let me by for $800. of course hes got the meter running just to follow the laws and to see what to tell others it is, and its sitting about $1100 if i followed it and would probably be about $1500 in all by the time it hits vegas.

cannot reach my binions host, should be there by 10pm or so, with a roll of close to $8500. and ill make a fresh start in vegas, hope i still have enough left to work with. i have started in vegas before with less u know. tomorrow ill move into ballys free fri sat sun mon and tues *i made a reservation) and its only tonite ill be seeing about a room. not entirely at ease sleeping in a cab carrying a lot of money, but i did sleep part of the way.

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