Thursday, November 10, 2011

help what am i doing wrong??

i cannot get this link to work.

supposedly this is my airline search of flights from reno to las vegas. i checked the box that said NONSTOP ONLY (i would think it would be ridiculous to have to stop elsewhere reno to vegas) and it claims NO SUCH FLIGHTS EXIST?? show me exactly what i did wrong by clicking the same link i did. (copy and paste). of course im sure u guys can find a nonstop flight on ur own, using a totally different link or travel website. but try copying and pasting mine and see what the problem is.

and also im now in my room at harrahs, all i could get is ONE DAY. at least the internet access works fine in this room. and tomorrow i have a free room at the atlantis, again for only 1 day. and i cannot get one for saturday anywhere, without paying a ton in a place i dont have comps. everyone is sold out. could use the motel6 for $40 still on wanted to go to tahoe next week, i can get sun mon tue wed thurs all 5 days free there. i did win over $200 in the eldorado earlier in the NL game which helps recover from the rest of yesterdays machine loss. also i paid my tmobile bill online today before it becomes past due nov 12. nice to have a 2 yr contract, wish my internet was also that instead of month to month. and what good is a can opener? this is all food that MUST BE COOKED all of it is totally useless til im in another apt somewhere. and i never wear underwear.

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