Saturday, November 26, 2011

hey i dont have much time to update gotta get to work

this would normally be a better time to wake up and find good games, although the days i must check out by noon or so it interferes with sleeping. all my expenses due really soon and im back to $8700 but thats not really any kind of bankroll at all, although its more than double the amount of cash a lot of professional players had for a live bankroll the day full tilt shut down. (so many kept about 80-90% of their money online.) why people were that dumb ill never know. i wonder if wec was one of them.

yeah i kept falling back to sleep. played in the riv and won a little after midnite last nite, and earlier i was in the lucky club but even with 83 tickets i never got called, too many names in the drum anymore since ive not been around to play heavy on mondays. it is emptied monthly. lost about $85 there plus the cab ride back. made just enough in the riv to end the day $44 up after grabbing food at mcds on the way to the room.

quit making posts im only gonna delete, u guys probably cost me any shot of having a real life and friendship. also im busy setting up my free rooms at ballys, IP, 4 queens, circus etc for the entire month of dec and planning it out. looking forward to dec 1 so i can do the great gift wrapup, but it wont be for nearly as much as last year.

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