Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i forgot today was checkout day.

the internet access in my room at harrahs was AWFUL, worse than it ever was in vegas. i didnt even remember today was the 8th, til i seen it on my laptop, i thought i had til tomorrow to checkout. so i got checked out and now im across the street at the eldorado and thank God the internet access works really good here. (i'm getting 4 bars now instead of 1.) and the bellman at harrahs was nice enough to walk me 1 block up the street to the eldorado valet checkin, so i gave him a $6 tip instead of a $2-3 normal tip. it really bothers me the net works so badly at harrahs because i need to stay there more often than other hotels since thats where my diamond card is. another good reason to go back to vegas or find a cheap apt of which there are far more apts downtown vacant for rent than there are people to fill them with, thats why everything is so cheap to rent.

rolls up to about $11,500 again due to a win of about $300 last nite. i also made a trip over to the GSR and back and added $1500 more to the safe deposit box for safekeeping, so now ive got $8500 in that box now. and most of the rest is still either in the bank or on debit cards not controlled by my bank instead of in cash.

was allin almost right after getting to the GSR ($60 buyin) and i had 666 on the flop and on the turn was 567J with 2 diamonds and 2 hearts. i bet $15, guy bets allin with a stack of about $70 i called, worried, but he only had aa. i left about 1 hour later with $105..

some of the money i won last nite $138 of it was on the big split machine at silver legacy. i seem to have won the last 4 times i played it for some reason, i know im due to lose. as far as i know its the only big split machine downtown reno. who on here is even familiar with the BIG SPLIT machine?

anyway i must sleep before too long, got up at 11.40pm last nite. i cannot get ahold of my previous landlord about the return of my deposit they seem to be ignoring my calls. u are supposed to get it by mail and they take out a large fee to clean too. but i did renew my PO BOX in vegas for $20 today over the phone and get that out of the way.

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