Sunday, November 13, 2011

im in the PLO game at harveys

$200 min, $1000 max, $1-2 blinds, $5 to call. and i ran to my room a minute to plug my cell into my charger since my phone totally died. and im in the game for $474 (i rebought) and i have only $230 of it left. still, im up since coming to tahoe.

i was talking to miamicane whose in a $1080 tourney at the V, sending him text messages, and i mentioned how harveys is the ONLY harrahs property that does not accept players cards at all in the poker room. now how is that legal? because according to the thread stack showed me, that ALL harrahs properties are supposed to now follow it lists a certain schedule for tier points. someone please investigate and explain. seems like lake tahoe isnt following the rules, or whoever is posting in that thread dont understand the new policies.

anyway i make a big err not hitting and running when i get ahead. i have QQJ4 double suited, flop comes Q25 rainbow, and the aggressive better whose stuck i beat earlier once comes out betting the flop for $25. i raise pot, he calls. turn comes 3 of spades. he shoves over $200 i call allin, and i missed both my flush and boat, and he shows 346 for the wrap like i was afraid of. but according to miamicane who does very well in PLO i had the odds to call and did right in calling.

must head back now.

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