Wednesday, November 9, 2011

in my room at eldorado, reading a ton of other peoples blogs.

lots of people suddenly are updating their blogs, some more often than me. and i must sleep, wish i didnt feel tired about 6-8pm everyday. once i get in the wrong sleep hours i stay in them for a long time and reno just isnt like vegas, and i doubt tahoe is either. down to only $11,300 from $11,500, i messed up about $400 on THE VP machine id been winnig on at the legacy and recovered back $150 of it at BJ, and the rest at poker. tomorrow ill be at harrahs free one day, then atlantis free one day and i cant find anything for saturday, so ill have to go to a hotel website and maybe pay $50. unless i get out to lake tahoe and stay in one of the small hotels in cali side with a long walk. can get a free room all next week sun-fri at harrahs tahoe. wish i knew more about my plans and where ill be staying. might type more later if i didnt always wait til the last minute to type.

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