Sunday, November 6, 2011

in my room at harrahs watching movies on tnt

no idea what im gonna do with my life, but i gave up my apt this morning at 7am and turned in the key. for some reason felt tired about 4pm, so i came over to my room from the eldorado and went to sleep. woke up about 3 1/2 hours later, and still havent made it back over to the casino, just was watching 2 movies on tnt, both of which the main character was a black guy, and the first movie made me think of Britni. (the girl in it who was dying made me think of her). then in the 2nd movie this one black guy is homeless with a kid, and hes trying to be a stockbroker. would really love to know if britni watched those movies, or at least if anyone on my blog did.

wish i knew where ill go and what ill do. i can go to tahoe, even back to vegas, as long as i still holdon to enough money. i could even jump on the amtrak out to the east coast. i am so afraid to get up in a plane, but its certainly the easiest way to get to vegas, and as many free days as id have at the IP there, it wouldnt be too bad of a solution. at least theres good poker there.

and ive been making an effort to sell the iphone only not thru craigslist. instead i seen a guy on craigslist who offered to buy iphones, and i know i wont get as much money that way but i just want it done and over with. plus this iphone will be hard to sell since it wont let u do anything but make 911 calls til its setup with att. the guy called me back and i was gonna try and meet him downtown today but now he says he will tomorrow. and he wanted to know what model it is, but since the iphone wont let me bring up the settings, i have no way to find out.

as soon as this movie is over, ill walk over to the eldorado. at least the game will still be going there. those who say my only interest is gambling must be mistaken otherwise id not be sitting in here watching tv instead of heading over to the casino.

and ive got the same problem maybe with my phone i used to have on the old iphone at times, it said i had 3 missed calls, and the phone never rang. the one guy said he didnt call, and ive not heard back from the other person yet i sent a text to whose call it also seems i missed, if she really did call. would like to know how to fix it, seems the ringer is on, but i am no good at all with technical stuff, as im sure everyone in here understands.

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