Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in my room lake tahoe

i do not understand why harveys gets most of the poker business in lake tahoe. i guess people ONLY go there because they know thats where they are going to find a game available. and maybe some like the fact rake is $4 here instead of $5 as in many vegas properties.

have not seen pokerdogg around for some time. wonder whats up with him?

rolls holding about $11,700. won about $300 earlier today. mostly at $2-3 NL (main game here they dont have $1-2) and about $40 on VP. funny thing is, the buyin in the $2-3 NL game is $50-300 max. seems pretty low for BOTH the minimum and the max buyin.

and when the PLO or PLO mix goes, the blinds are $1-2 and the minimum is $200 and the max is no cap. which makes totally no sense at all. smaller blinds and yet the buyins are like 4x as high or so.

i read all the info on the new rules, and harveys as u all know by now doesnt take players cards in the poker room. so why they get most of the business is beyond me. they dont sit out free food either except for the wsop tourney and u can get it when theyre done about 2-2.30pm and its only sit out once a day, either pizza or hotdogs. all other food is thru room service menu and costs $13.88 no matter what u order.

no massuese in this poker room either. cell phone service really sucks. at least up the street they let u play $1-2 and give comps. so why isnt the room up the street getting alot more business?

also im considering returning to vegas if i can get a ride with someone i can trust, which severly limits who it is. naturally ill give them plenty of money in exchange.

and one final issue. my laptop is showing everything in awful big print and i cannot figure out how to fix it. this happened right after the pointer of my mouse showed some odd signs and then the size of it changed no matter where im typing or what website im on and not sure how to fix it. still need stakes so i can play one of these tournies. $117 is now the max i can buyin for off my own bankroll, and the one i want is $235. will play for 25% and staker gets 75%, better deal than some offer.

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