Monday, November 21, 2011

in my room, still not getting anywhere here in vegas.

worried a great deal about running out of money. still only $8200+ about $300 less than i came back to vegas with. lost a buyin at ballys twice today and ballys was always one of the easiest rooms to win at. think the games everywhere are tougher than they used to be, a european at my table talked to me today about how much easier winning was for him in 2007.

now Serge sat at my table for a little while in ballys tonite, and he never said a word so it took me a few minutes to even realize he was there. and he left without saying a word, even bye, and i didnt notice he was gone til about 3-5 minutes after the fact, and that wasnt too nice of him. was hoping he would talk about the hands i lost on QQ and KK.

the KK hand happened first and i made a raise preflop and another guy who wasnt good and later went broke called me preflop. flop comes 467 and he calls, i put him on some kind of pair or draw. turn comes 6 and i put him all in for about $58 more in a pot of $42. he calls with a6. i wouldve been a lot more worried if the straight comes or the 7 or A hits.

next hand the lady on my right and i are in the pot. i raise to $15 with QQ and she calls HU. (with 22 as it turned out). flop comes 28J rainbow she checks, i bet, she raised me allin about 75 more i call, hoping for AJ, and i lost. u cant ask for a much better flop with QQ

im lucky i didnt lose $400 for the day. but i was winning on the machines at P-HO earlier, and also a little at table BJ. and i also put $4000 on deposit behind the cage at ballys. didnt think id be able to. did the whammy promo outside P-ho and got a $20 food voucher which i later used to eat. am a little surprised harrahs loosened up the VBJ machine. its the bad paying one only paying even money on BJ. that lets u play 7 hands at once. the way they loosened up the machine is it now lets u double any 2 cards instead of just 10 and 11. the ones at binions and the stratosphere and wynn still only let u double 10 and 11. its just odd for harrahs to loosen up ANY VP machine, especially a BJ game. the last time i was in there the machine had the harder rules.

and i need to find a cheap barbar for a haircut and shave before i try and meet any women so i look better. i think that and my nuttiness had something to do with running off the woman in reno i really wanted to get to know. (not the one i sent the email about, but the one whose pic i posted).

i need to go and see about thanksgiving weekend, where ill stay. and look upsome rate calenders. if all else fails ill be staying at circus probably, im sure my host should be able to get me in. once that weekend is over i should get alot of free weekends again since its slow. and i wish i wasnt getting tired 8-10pm. id like to be more awake during the best hours to play.

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