Sunday, November 13, 2011

lots of news

lots to report which ill be able to mention shortly, probably around noon ill be able to post.

but for now, i can only say they are really tightening up on their diamond card program at harrahs. not just the extra hours needed a year to get the diamond card with ur tier points, but so many places are now only giving 3 free days a week MAXIMUM with ur diamond card. try it urself, try to book rooms in tahoe, ac, reno, and vegas. seems ONLY the IP and the IP alone still gives u 5 free days a week. this pissed me off when i tried to get a certain room for this week. if id booked it only last week, id been able to book 5 nites free and it was less than an hour ago i suddenly realized i cant.

one piece of good news, rolls still around $11,500. had a fairly good night, im sitting with $1000 on the table in $1-2 NL to take advantage of a certain promo for a free $25 slot play. 2 guys with much much smaller stacks, (all of us had overs buttons-making it NL both pre and post flop). both decide to go allin in front of me, i look down and find aa and it holds up, made over $300 on that hand and it broke the game.

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