Thursday, November 24, 2011

okay its time to update this blog.

relaxing in my room at circus circus, free for 5 nights starting tonite. then ill be at either ballys, IP, or the 4 queens again.

i didnt get over here til very late, and i did walk into the riviera to see if there was a game but no. i started the day by playing ballys after i finally got checked out of my room after 1pm, but didnt play long because i got a text from Carmen that her and her family were across the street in a tourney at bills. so i left the game after only paying 1 round of blinds.

so i played the cash game at bills while she was in the tourney, and then she had to leave after busting out to do something very important, u can find out from reading her blog. and later she came back to see how her mom and dad were doing. akgal was dealing.

i started off $26 ahead at bills, but then couldnt get anywhere. by the time i left i was down to $106. bills seems to be one of the worst games in town, the normal $1-2 NL games are much easier to beat. too many shortstackers and too many good european daily grinders.

after a long phone conversation outside bills with a friend in reno, getting something understood that had been bothering me, i went over to ballys to get my bags and go check into my room at circus. i remembered the $4000 behind the cage at ballys, and i sat at a BJ table and took a marker for $4000, won $303, and then left the table and settled and closed my account. played poker for about an hour and won another $12. and then i finally got a cab over here. rolls finally back to $8400. at least i finally had a good day.

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