Sunday, November 13, 2011

relaxing in my room harveys lake tahoe

i didnt want to say where i was earlier, because the rooms here at the casino (if not sold out) were $199 on saturday and i sure wasnt paying that, so i was in a piece of shit motel on the california side 1 mile up the road for $47. and since i had quite a bit of cash on me, i didnt want anyone to find out where i was staying. now that im safely into harveys, ill just get a safe deposit box.

one thing, i cannot get it for more than 3 days free, and had i booked it last week i wouldve got 5 days free. i almost booked it but didnt see the need to rush. then over the weekend IT WOULDNT LET ME BOOK ONLINE because i hadnt been out of harrahs reno for 72 hours yet. and i called and they said the max days u can get is 3. (no matter how many days my calender shows). but online last week, it was showing (at the point where u go to click BOOK a total balance of $0 for the 5 nites.) now i looked for next week, and sure enough next week, its not showing that same $0 balance at any property in NV or NJ, except for the IP. this is why people need to get apartments finally living off the diamond cards and why they better not tear down the IP. i am not sure where to stay in lake tahoe the rest of the time. so maybe i shouldnt stay here.

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