Wednesday, November 2, 2011

still working on getting my sleep hours fixed.

been sleeping weird lately. on monday 4 hours at home, then had to make it over to the GSR for the football squares promo in the poker room, proceeded to lose $400 there playing while tired and taking one bad beat for $110, and then went home to sleep slept 5 hours, and woke up about 3.20am and couldnt get back to sleep. now thats is NOT a good time to be waking up in reno and is why i might like to be back in vegas where that didnt cause a problem in finding a good game.

so i went over to the peppermill, only game going 3 handed $3-5 blinds not really the game i should be in, but i made $57 before it soon broke. then i went over to the atlantis and was playing 3-2 VBJ at the bar. every time id get over $20 down id go to the live BJ table to get it back, and was up just over $180 when i went in the atlantis pokeroom and sat in the 9am $3-6 limit game. proceeded to lose $100 in less than a hour every good hand got cracked. thats why i hate limit players so much. so i went back to the VBJ machine, and had won $40 more in time for the 11am $40 tourney. i eventually busted out of the tourney, (not a bad structure and had over 30 players) u start with $13,000 chips, and when i busted i went and sat in the $1-2 NL just starting and eventually made a little over $100 with 222.

left cause i was dead tired, went home and slept 3pm to 3am. kept falling back to sleep. now im awake and theres nowhere to go and nothing to do. am just playing online poker and i got my $58 rakeback yesterday. i am NOT counting this money as part of my bankroll of course, but it does feel more like real cash now. why? because i sold $276 of my blackchippoker money to IIIMJESUS (mispelled) on 2+2 and formerly of stars for $230 via paypal. i dont trust paypal because people can reverse transfers but he had a good reputation on 2+2. and i waited til the paypal transfer actually appeared in my bank account before i told u guys about it. sure enough i looked and its sitting there as pending when i logged into online banking when i woke up. so now im just barely back to 11k again. also my tmobile $89 bill is due now and dont become past due til nov 12. and since then im back to $150+ on blackchippoker again. if i dont have to wait the 6 weeks, ill feel better about playing there it will feel more like real money. remember i only deposited $25 and havent put a dime on since.

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