Sunday, November 27, 2011

well its been growing again

rolls back to $8900, although expenses are about to be paid. and the good news is tonite some of the winnings came from poker instead of from VBJ.

the riviera is doing the freeroll promotion again for $2500 weekly, and u only need 15-25 hours a week to qualify. this week, alot more so than usual, its a good deal. (there was 15 or less people who qualify i think). sometimes they chop almost immediately. i found out about it a little too late in the week to get the 15 hours in.

i started off having some bad luck, got stuck $200 in the riviera poker room, and made a bad shove for my last $50. went out and played the gem tiles machine i told u about (that removes the gems similar to bejeweled). hasnt anyone seen it? got lucky and turned my $100 buyin into $279 and left the machine. went back to the poker room and still was wondering about grouchie. ended up turning my $200 rebuy into $303 and left for a $6 fee with a young kid from the poker table who was heading to ceasers, and he drove me to the IP. then when i go into the poker room grouchie isnt even there, only tarpiefish.

i go to osheas instead of waiting for a seat, and again theres a wait i see JOHN in the game who owes me the $193 who ripped me off on the room at palace station i talked about last year. all i could get out of him was $5 and a phone number, he claimed all the money in front of him wasnt really his. i lost about $18 in the game and it broke when the big stacks left and lost on shoves.

so i ate at burger king, then walked back into the IP, won $13 on a VP machine then sat in the $1-2 NL game with tarpiefish and found out pokergrump was there earlier. now pokergrump is someone i can admire. he like me, looks for the right qualities in women instead of just looks. and i ended up winning $159 in the game. i flopped middle set with 999 on a flop of 29J and 2 diamonds. he bet $10, i bet $25, he check raised to $55, i shoved and he called. the diamond on the river scared me but he had bottom set of 222. i left about 20 minutes later cause i had too many chips on the table for such a low roll. i try to buyin around $200 give or take odd change, and when i pass $300 i try to not stay too long til i can afford to have over $300 on the table again, without it being too high a percentage of my roll.

i dont really know what became of Carmen, i dont know if she thinks im ugly since i dont look near as good as my facebook picture, or her mom who i would swear ive played poker with told her too many bad things about me. i do wish id have met her at a place other than Bills. not the best room to meet a woman in, especially with the employees there knowing too much.

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