Friday, December 30, 2011


when i got home last night i was tired. rolls close to $4300. the only reason Josie told Zin she was wrong was because i won $24 yesterday playing machines, but not the previous day, as everyone had said.

i went out to the IP yesterday to meet melissa whose staying at the IP and couldnt afford to pay for her room. the girl who was living with another woman in vegas cause she was umeployed who i met thru (i showed josie her profile and picture.) so i knew i was staying downtown and wouldnt be needing a room til jan 2, which i have booked at ballys for 5 days. so i booked a room at the IP and let her add her name to the registration and stay there too. and they made me leave a $40 DEPOSIT for nye, ive never had to do that before but they are doing it. if u dont believe me call the front desk. i made sure they put in the books no room charges and that only i could pick it up.

also i ended up giving her $20, and bought her food at osheas. Murv who reads my blog who works osheas seen me and her together right before the freeroll yesterday morning. and of course i was the first one out.

i feel a little decieved, in that this girl doesnt seem to have any interest in watching me play poker. she didnt at bills either the other day before when she met me to go to ceasers diamond lounge. she said online she wanted to learn the game, but now all i hear is how she has no one to turn to, was awake crying all night and didnt want to stay with any guys she didnt know and wasnt in love with, and didnt know where to turn, and was way too stressed as to how shed get some money to hang out and watch any poker. and this is just not a good time to meet a woman, money means so much to me right now i could never give a woman $50 or $100 even, and in the past i didnt mind giving women $200-300 if i was rich.

she swears shes getting $250 jan 3 for cleaning a ladys house, and says to loan it to her and she will pay back, but i am totally not into loans. and id never trust any women that dont want to make out with me (on the excuse she dont know me well enough yet). Britni id known for many years, so thats totally different. nor would i ever again let a woman sleep in a room i actually am staying in who isnt willing to be psychically affectionate, ive learned that lesson a few times many many years ago and felt like i was being taken advantage of. although if she was a poker dealer and not desperate for money then of course i would, that would be different. (is why i invited Jennifer Gay to live in my apt in reno).

so first hand of the freeroll i have QQ flop is J42, and id only raised a little preflop because of the $200 bounty on the bosses, and i wanted to keep Jake in. another guy who acts after me only called. on the flop i bet $500, guy on my left says $1000, and we only start with 3000 chips so i shove, and he had JJJ.

i go in the IP sit in a poker game, NL is going, and a few minutes later Jake busts out and heads into the IP to start work. then a few min later kenny asian reg busts out and walks in.

i win a little in the IP recover what i spent on the woman and food, and am ahead and go say hi to melissa, and she needs sleep. i never heard from her later. i didnt text because i didnt feel she was getting enough sleep since she had none the day before, so i want to let her sleep.

and i win small most all places i play at yesterday, but lose $100 at ballys, walk out pissed, play a VP machine at flamingo and end up winning $24, go back to poker, get lucky on a hand at flamingo with 78 spades against aa, where i shoved preflop to make the aggressive guy fold, and it was a different guy who woke up with aa. i won with a straight against his set, and leave that game up $87. then i play osheas and ips again with more small wins, get back to downtown over $90 up.

and now im waking up and heading out the strip 1 final time before nye to pick up that deposit and check out of the IP. i dont know what melissa will do but im not comfortable letting her stay with me, giving her money, and really just want to run and hide, i dont like any confrontation or arguments. i tried to get josie to call my room at the IP and talk to her to find out if she was just using me or if she likes me enough to want to get to know me, but she refusted.

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