Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doing the tropicana promotion

Is this the best promo for someone with my size roll? 5800? I want the least variance way to grow my roll around $75 to $150 a day. I,ll be staying circus tonight and tomorrow night. Then since im moving back into the rio for 5 days on tuesday I just left most of my bags there with the bellman. That way I only have to catry one bag to circus which eliminates the need for a cablost $78 rio pokeroom last night but played no machines. Now the night before, after winning $158 in the pokeroom and updating my blog, I couldnt sleep.

There was a woman I talked to online from myyearbook, who gave me her number finally. . Found out and was quite shocked to hear that shes been staying at the ip for 3 weeks.

She was living with her roommate and her roommate moved out and took all her stuff. I seen one guy post on her page that she was all about the money but she didnt seem that eay in her reply to my email, so I defended her. She said she wanted to learn poker and likes to play machines. So I was texting her from rio, and was telling her my bad luck and originally said I wanted to not waste money on cabs. Later I reconsidered and went over to the ip. She had already gone to sleep or wasnt answering so I bought into a poker game and proceeded to lose $200. By then I was throughly pissed and I sat on that same big split poker machine and lost over $300 more I never did meet the woman. Rode shuttle back to rio and back over $100 and went to go sleep.

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