Friday, December 9, 2011

everyone playing at osheas tonite commented on how it was the loosest game they ever played in, and so many people got thrown out.

before we start on tonite, why are most of the comments im forced to moderate on the older posted blog, and not on the most recent blog post?

now for some good news. i got the $150 refund check today for my deposit and i need to deposit it in my bank account on the first opportunity. also got xmas gifts in the mail from family.

from there i walked to bills, starting playing, even though i know thats not the casino in which i should be playing poker at. eventually, after taking 2 bad beats, walked out of there stuck $155 about 2 hours later, and i left for ceasers.

played poker a while in ceasers, ran into david shapiro and Bob Lauria. dave had busted out of the PLO tourney quite early and maybe id been better off playing in it. got away with a bluff was back over $100, but by the time i left ceasers, i was out $190 for the day again. (at poker i mean, not out that much if u count the $150 refund check.)

walked into osheas, and got a seat in a game that appeared quite loose. not so much when i first sat before the table with full, but it became very loose shortly thereafter with the additional of 2 new players. i lost my first $97 buyin to a DR tourist who called my first allin with 53 diamonds (his cards not mine) preflop, and of course he lost a lot of money later on. then a black guy sat and lost 2 buyins rather quickly who was here for the democratic national convention, he seemed to have a lot of money, and was trying to pick up every woman who walked by. he finally left with 2 to go to some club. (not laura's BF, who she claimed on facebook isnt her BF, yet ive not heard back from her there lately.) although id swear the girl i keep seeing with this other guy might be her, but it dont quite look like her, and the girl said she was lauras sister. now this new guy everyone called "vegas" although hes not a local, i thought was a bum at first, he appeared homeless and was over 60, but it turned out he had a ton of money. he lost at least $1200 in the game and everyone had huge chip stacks. i went from being behind over $300 to leaving the game 8 hours later a small winner. he kept going allin with nothing hands like 82 and 10 4 offsuit, and thats why he was losing so quickly, he didnt mind losing, but he sure used the F word alot, and as liberal as the night shift was, he eventually got thrown out for cursing out the dealer too much and threatening to take him outside when he killed his hand on accident. then the kid from canada who took his place got thrown out too later, for cursing and being a dick and also the game was as slow as molasses, with tons of monster pots. a lot of the players were awful and there was one good player on my immediate left with a big stack and a beautiful gf who finally showed up and got him to leave way ahead. and the kid in the middle who never shut up and won big and lost big looked exactly like negrenau. at one point there was over $3000 on the table. i thought about leaving, but i was never up enough, and i knew there was a lot of variance, but i hated to leave a good table. None of the women ive played poker with in the past few weeks were anywhere near as good looking and as good at poker in the last week ive seen as Andrews wife whose a dealer, (andrew not his wife) but he left last nite for cleveland and isnt gonna be dealing osheas anymore. and then the old man from europe got thrown off the game too for falling asleep too much, him being the 3rd one to get thrown out.

i am really worried about Britni, hope she is still alive she always had lots of health problems, and this is the first time shes not been online in over 3 weeks not even once in ages. last i heard from her was before thanksgiving, and she didnt know id left tahoe. ill never be as close to any woman as her, who can accept and understand me, and i was an idiot for not being willing to travel to her a year ago almost when she invited me too. but i was afraid i couldnt afford to travel. i always feel like i need way more money in reserve than other people are willing to store in reserve. who else feels they cant afford to sit in $2-5 for a few hundred with a $9800 roll, or that they cant buyin to a $100 tourney besides me?

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