Saturday, December 31, 2011

finally a little bit of poker content.

and i won about $200 today too, rolls back to about $4650. came to my room after getting the parking pass Vince wants for tonite and the wristbands worth $30 a piece for him and anne for the NYE party. of course, hes only offering me $20. i couldve sold them for far more downtown. logged into BCP and found myself in a 100 seat to 100k freeroll id registered 5 days ago, with vook at my table. i was slowly blinding pretty sure Vook isnt there either. Still will be picking up my $200 freeplay at binions anytime after midnite, goal is to possibly be back over $5000 on Jan 1.

ok now for the 3 poker hands. first hand ill talk about is JJ, i raised preflop, and a guy calls 2 seats to my left, and he looks like he considered raising. my raise was to $9. flop comes up JT7 rainbow. i bet $18 and he calls. turn comes J, i bet $20 and he folds KQ. damn. what would u have done?

these hands are not in the right order either. couldnt remember what i had this hand til now, and it was the one i wanted advice on.

i had J9 diamonds preflop, and limped $2. flop comes up 10 6 4 with 2 diamonds. now theres only $8 in the pot and he bets $22. one other guy called, so now i feel obliged to call but probably shouldnt. turn comes up 9, and my hands improved, but not in the right way. he goes allin $60, other guy folds i call, and miss, and he wins with TK.

the hand i doubled up on, i had AJ and made a raise to $9 preflop. flop comes Ak3 with 2 diamonds. i overbet the pot about $60 allin (this was early on) and get 1 caller with A5.

and ive got about 50 tickets for tomorrows drawing, although i certainly am not counting on getting $100 or more in it. u wouldnt believe how many tickets the binions poker room football drum has each week. one guy will win $500.

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