Wednesday, December 21, 2011

hey who knows a lot about freeroll strategy??

spent a large portion of the morning in my room, waiting for vince to show up with the laundry, just playing online, and besides the shuttle to the strip didnt start running anyway til 10am. Just got done meeting Vince downstairs picked up the laundry, and now he is leaving to go to NJ (by plane, not by car dammit) to see family for xmas. and i remembered to pick up a spoon on the way back to my room so i can eat my 3 cans of tuna, but not all today.

on the way back to the room, i asked at the poker desk if i had the hours needed to qualify for the dec 26 freeroll. the way the freeroll works, there will be about 60-70 people who qualify, and 30 of them get $500 each. so a large portion of the field get paid.

those with 20 hours, get 5000 chips, those with 40 hours, get 10,000 chips. and of course theres the $10 addon dealer tip fee for 2500 chips. so essentially some players get 7500 chips, and others get 12,500. ive practically never seen anyone turn down the addon. so i qualify but just barely do i have the 20 hours. id need a full 20 more hours to have 40 hours for extra chips.

should i play those extra 20 hours in a $1-3 game i really cant afford thats not all that great? does having only 7500 chips against other peoples 12,500 seriously hurt me or only hurt me somewhat? that extra $500 would sure be awful nice but i have bad luck in freerolls. never figured out why. i shouldnt since i win DON sngs. i really have no idea if i should put the other 20 hours in really fast, or play at casinos im more at ease playing. it does have an unusual pay structure and they do that to eliminate all the bad vibes and pressure to chop.

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