Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i guess its time to type a new blog post

well i remembered i had $50 free play at the wynn that could only be used between mon and thurs of this week, and i wanted to make sure i didnt lose money like i usually do (a few hundred) picking it up. so i called vince and offered to give him 1 3rd of the proceeds for taking me there and back. (he was only in NJ a few days). i ended up cashing out about $75, and gave him his share, and then we went back downtown. he had to pick up some cable boxes on the way, he was working, and his gf anne was also in the car.

i played a few short sessions at binions, and the nugget in which i hit and ran for small amounts, like $20-50. and im back to around $4200, and still have close to $20 online. am a little worried i sold too much and didnt leave me enough money on BCP. also Josie needs to know before u can cash out or transfer u must send the site a screened copy of ur photo ID.

i think i did the right thing deleting that other post. i deserved to lose Britni as a friend, by not ever respecting her feelings about opening my mouth too much, and not doing things she didnt want me to do. i did care alot more about gambling, than any one person or my family. now Lorna she never did try to be a friend except for the first week or two, she was just always outright mean if i didnt stake her. Britni was happy with a dollar or two for the first year, she only played 4-8cent stud8 at first til she wondered why i gave lorna so much.

and my friend staying at the IP ive never gone to meet claims her phone is cut off for anything but text, and cannot log into myyearbook to see her messages, and cannot afford to pay for her room anymore and the price went up. she asked if i wanted her to come downtown, but i cannot afford to take care of a new woman. and then Darrell still wants to know why i cant stake him.

No wonder i think everyone else is broke in life, and people who claim they have money are just bragging. my roll is even big to Josie.

nice to have a fridge in my room. i eat healthier downtown, i store a lot of those binions $5 cobb salads in it.

everyone look for veryJosie, thevookenmeister and aa23eachhand on BCP right now, trying to get everyone on the same cash table or maybe a tourney later.

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