Sunday, December 4, 2011

in my room at the 4 queens playing on blackchippoker

brought up a bunch of food and filled the fridge, seen richard tiger valdez in the nugget, he might be able to use my steakhouse comp expiring in 2 days at the 4 queens. and im sitting in the $2 DON SNG on blackchippoker. got my laundry back from Vince and also hes got all my food now making my bags weigh a tiny bit less. i still need to get back my winter coat from him i gave to him this summer to hold. also ill give him the blanket i got from my wheel spin at binions..

won $111 in the nugget poker room, slept today a few hours before i went over there about midnite, and i havent heard back from seattle irish. found out i didnt get any free play this month from binions, it was combined for nov and dec. and before i checked out of the IP, i also won just over $100 yesterday nite. rolls back to around $8800.

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