Thursday, December 8, 2011

in my room at the IP

this never get updated the day before so its time to update. still doing quite well, roll is back to $9800. small steady wins lately. a little over $200 today, and a little over $200 the day before. and no VBJ because theyre no VBJ machines worth playing around the area of the IP and vicinity. tomorrow (today) i need to pick up moms xmas package sent to me at the flamingo UPS store, i got the email saying i had a package to pickup. also im wondering what ever became of my deposit, if its not there i need to call reno. the place i lived at in reno is safe to mention to the entire world now, and i think they are still advertising on craigslist. its called Sierra Townhomes at the corner of Ryland and Locust, and the main manager is a lady called Janine. u can find their ads online.

by law they were supposed to mail it within 30 days. they never answered the phone even once after i moved out, weve only talked via offline text messages. i am supposedly getting $150 back of the $250 deposit. the initial move in cost was $1200, the other $950 was for the months rent. i really didnt manage my cash well at all while in reno, and is why i dropped all the way to $8000 from $14000. and its going to be a long long climb getting it all back, for the simple fact i dont play high stakes and if im up over $200, i tend to lock up all the winnings instead of going for broke.

darrell is back in town from los angeles, the guy who used to bug me for a stake, and hes still not very well off but hes working and not playing much poker. and him and a lady and her husband from 2+2 almost got into it at the table at IP last nite, cursing each other. i actually think the action in the games at the IP and osheas has gotten better in the past month than what i remember, and my phone isnt quite as bad in the IP as the old phone was. and as usual, im in a low stakes $5 sng on BCP. (balance there is around $10). (if i lose) And ive seen John, who owes me $193, all ive gotten is $5 from him (he claimed it wasnt his money on the table) and i dont know if Rose still even works at osheas.

no one ever explained why none of the freeroll circuit is not doing the binions freeroll, maybe they are and i dont realize it. business around here is slow for Christmas, as far as not many tables and games going. and my blogger dashboard was a little messed up tonite, some download doesnt seem to be letting me browse all the automatic blogs i normally follow. such as grumps and carmens and grouchies.

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