Tuesday, December 6, 2011

in my room playing on BCP--although id like to be sleeping now til noon-1pm

will try and sleep soon as im tired enough to. killing time watching TV and playing a $2 PLO8 sng with my $7 online blackchippoker, and reading emails etc. it was a pretty good night, i ended up ahead close to $400 when i finally got back to my room. at one point i was up close to $700 early on. and i still have not been able to ever finish composing a new blog post without at least 1 new incoming email coming up on yahoo messenger while im in the middle of typing the post. (an email of a comment on the old posts.)

bought in $200 at binions, didnt even remember i had drawing tickets, but i seen it going, and shortly found a seat. started off doing very well early on, stole a pot, got dealt aa and kk back to back, achieved a successful bluff, and got a flop of QQ9, another guy flopped 999, and i had QK and then sucked out on the turn after we were allin on the flop. at one point i had $896 in front of me. and i left after finally losing a big pot when i called a ALLIN on a flop of 679, turn Q, and river offsuit 2 which is when he went allin. i flopped 666. still had $515 when i left. ive been buying in for exactly $200 a lot lately.

then i went out to the VBJ, and won about $70. went to my room to charge my phone, and get online. went over to the nugget, and again started off well on a $200 buyin, was up to $412. then soon left with $290 after losing a hand. went back to binions, and gave away about $150 on the VBJ. overall didnt do too badly, rolls in the $9300s now.

and its time to switch rooms again, will be in the IP for 5 nites tue wed thurs fri and sat nites. if i could id get a room at ballys or P-ho instead of the IP. am also considering maybe starting to stay at the rio more often.

also to all the freeroll hunters, binions freeroll is only 25 hours a month, (not much more than the riv) and pays 30 spots, with $7000 for first place, so surely its a better freeroll than the rio-ti-riviera circuit a lot of then guys do including grouchie and karsten.

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