Thursday, December 1, 2011

its going down down down.

new low of $7900, dont think ive been down below that in a year or more, not entirely sure, i cannot remember too many months back. i know i had more than that when i went home to KS for a month in april though, possibly during the wsop i was below that a few times.

Vince should be returning my clothes sometime today or tomorrow too. and i must get up and be awake before 5pm today for the xmas gift wrapup promo at ceasers, so i can hurry up and reclaim $200 or more of my losses recently. just play it thru 1 time and immediately cash it out.

most of u in vegas who know about the great gift wrapup have probably already done it last month.

Laura was someone who was in the game at osheas the other day, who ive not seen since. a guy at bills said she might be in jail, and had a warrant and a court date. she was talking to old man Louie (a regular) whose hands always shake, about being single and no BF. and when she sat at the bar in the back of osheas she had no ID to show the bartender and couldnt be served. she gave me her facebook as los angelos and a 818 area code number but i dont think its the correct facebook. and this one black guy who sometimes plays at bills claims theyve been together 5 yrs and were in an argument recently and all her stuff is at his house and are still together. he was surprised she gave me her correct number, he said that was her number. But he said she lied and theyre still together and she was just mad at him. evidently she isnt a tourist from LA at all. he was talking about a laura at the table before i mentioned knowing a laura from osheas. and the girl had mentioned seeing me before at a table in the past, but i didnt know for sure where i knew her from just thought id seen her somewhere playing before.

so when i woke up today i sat in the game at osheas, $1-2 NL in fact i helped to start it up. Howie convinced me to. i left to get my mail at the flamingo, and then came back, and i won $107 at osheas, then went to ceasers to eat in the diamond lounge, and while there i browsed blog comments on thier computer. its a much better diamond lounge as it sets out fruit.

when i woke up i had $600 cash on me. when i went to ceasers, i had $707 cash on me. and now back in my room i have $222 cash on me. another losing day, but for a different reason than yesterday. wasnt in the best game at ceasers, lost the original $200 buyin, and the final $500 rebuy wasnt doing so good either, but still had over $450 4 hours or so later when i left. i lost early on at ceasers with AK spades when i raised it preflop. flop comes QT7 with 2 spades. i bet $25 more, guy shoves allin on me with nothing but 66. i call, and i think i was the favorite there, who wants to do the math? u dont need to have the best hand at the time to be the favorite either, but i blanked out.

the mailer i found in todays mail showed $195 in free play at the lucky club, only thing is its broken down into 6 days.

so i went to the IP was tired of not being able to use my dead phone anyway, but really hated to walk all the way to the back of the IP to get my charger. eventually i left to go leave the phone in my room though, and then walked back to where my chips were on the poker table. i managed to get an end seat this time unlike ceasers where i had to wait.

early on i was up over $50, and was doing ok, pretty loose game, then the table broke and they moved us, and the other table had a lot of young dealers and regs who used to play with me, but they were leaving and thats why they combined tables. April told me the Trop is planning to do the exact same promotion as TI but im not sure what day its starts.

the big stack is also over there, who played with me on the other table. and hes got over $1000. hes not a local. i raise preflop with QQ to $12, and he calls with 2 others. flop comes T25 and 2 clubs. i bet $15, he calls, the others fold. turn comes offsuit 9. i bet $20, not sure of where im at. he makes it $60 like i feared, and i call. river comes 5, and i bet $75. reason being i dont want it checked around, and i think he might have 2 pair like 10 10 99. well he goes allin, and offers to show a card for $10. (which causes me to think one cant be a 5.) i dont take him up on it though, had very bad experiences lately taking people up on that. and usually get manipulated into doing the wrong thing. well i thought he had 2 pair, (since he was willing to show) and that the 5 counterfeits him so i call. and he shows 59 for a boat. i walk out of there fed up with not hitting and running when up about $75 and go to the bigsplit machine about 20 feet away, put in the final $131, and eventually after 2 hours or less cash out $222. so i didnt lose a dime in the VP.

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