Monday, December 5, 2011

Ive got too big a mouth

Details to follow when home on laptop:

ok. im home now. i went out to the lucky club at midnite. before that i won about $200 at binions between the $1-2 cash game and the VBJ machine, mostly at poker. got lucky and hit 4444.

im mad at myself. For the post i made months ago. the post both in my blog, and in were it not for that post, Sean mightve never been made aware of his VBJ machine being a good deal for the player, if played during the 5x points promo. he because acutely aware of this, when guys started showing up and betting the MAX of $100 a hand during the day of the promo. Never thought too much about it, since there were still seats available, except that it caused others to also have lots of tickets and somewhat hurt me in the drawings. Up until today that is. i went over there, paid $20 to get there in a cab, and as soon as i got out and took a seat inside at the machine i seen a new sign placed on the machine saying that the machine no longer qualifies for the 5x points. now i was pissed off, for i wasted $20 getting there and now im stuck there without a ride home. played for 2-3 hours anyway and went from being up $200 to down over $300, to leaving about $90 ahead. called a cab (actually i had security do it thinking that would get the cab to show up easier) but they claimed the cab arrived and no one got in, so then they said theyd send again. they did, and i went out to get in it, and the driver said that wasnt my cab and he had to go to an apt up the street, and then he never came back. i called back and they said that was odd, but theyd send another cab, and one never came. so about 30 min later they suggested i go to the gas station across the street where they could track it better, some weird policy of the cab company since they claim cabs to the casino cant be tracked cause they are first come first serve. and they said i wouldnt have to wait near as long if i went to the gas station on the corner to catch it. but i was afraid to leave the casino with $931 on me, so the security guard offered to watch me walk up to it while he stood at the edge of his property across the street so i safely made it inside the 7-11. so i left the casino and while walking up to the 7-11 saw the 110 bus park across the street, so i ran up to it while it was sitting there a few minutes, and jumped on it. rode it up to eastern and boulder hwy, and then had to wait for another bus and i felt pretty unsafe waiting 15 min for the bus in that area too.

eventually i arrived downtown, and then i pissed away $98 in the gemtiles machine, and $55 in the VBJ at binions getting tomorrows 300 points for the spins, and then i walked back to my room to go to bed, too tired to play any poker in the nugget, which wouldve been a much better idea than how i actually spent the nite. now i must sleep.

had i never mentioned that on my blog, they never wouldve discontinued offering 5x points on that machine i dont think. and i wouldve got $95 back in cashback tonite instead of $19. meaning id be a lot better off.

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