Sunday, December 25, 2011

lots of weird dreams, and a strange phone message last nite before i fell asleep

i came back to room early yesterday afternoon, depressed about being out $300, and in hopes of being able to sell my BCP money. no one from 2+2 ever got back in touch with me, i wonder if no one wants it, or if they are busy with Christmas. there are several on 2+2 that buy money on the merge network, often though its on the more popular skins instead of BCP. really want to get this done because ive got over $350 there now. way too much for me to be having tied up online as low as my roll is.

so after being in my room 4 or so hours, just waiting to hear from people i sent a PM to on 2+2, i got a text message from someone claiming that they were Carmen, and asking me if this was still my number. naturally i was sure it wasnt really her. they were asking if i wanted to hang out, where i was staying at, and said they were sorry they hadnt got in touch, but they were trying to avoid the casinos, and tonite they just felt like "fuck it". and another reason i said that couldnt possibly be her was because i knew she had a curfew by her PO. and they claimed they couldnt call because they were outside and their phone was dying, so naturally i found it all highly suspicious.

so i sent Carmen a message on facebook, telling her the number that called me, and asked if she knew who that was calling me pretending to be her. never expected a reply back, or for her to even believe me that someone did this.

lo and behold she sent me back a message on facebook that it WAS her calling me, and why was i so paranoid? huh? she sent the texts asking to hang out last nite? well i called and got her voicemail message, in her voice, yeah it was her all right.

so then i did start sending back some texts, and since i was dead tired and she said she was at the cannery and couldnt get a ride, i suggested downtown sometime this week would be better. and i fear she hasnt been reading my blog and has no idea how broke i am. maybe she wanted me to get a cab, ill never know. she was asking if i wanted to hang out last nite and if i was done for the night, but at the time that was before i thought it was her. she said she no longer lives at the same place, and that she could be out that late, but never did say how late. i am assuming she has permission to be with family over xmas and not have the curfew then. of course if she violated the curfew i sure wouldnt ever talk about it or post in here, i just wanted to know what the story really is. she never mentioned the blog or ask me to not post anything. would never upset a woman this way like i have some men.

i suggested downtown tomorrow and she did agree that worked out better with getting a ride, i wonder what she wanted me to do as far as giving her a ride last nite. will never know, she drifted off and i hope it was because her phone died. i went downstairs to grab some food to take to my room, ended up playing a little poker and lost only $15 in about 45 minutes and then went back upstairs. and i did message her about how horrible id destroyed the roll, and i doubt that was what she wants to hear.

Britni has never before not been around for the holidays, she is always online with her family then. remember the last time was about 3 times around Thanksgiving telling me to have a good meal and to try and be with family. family was always very important to her, thats why i wish i knew someone who could investigate if she is alive or dead, and what ever became of her, doubt ill ever hear from her. and i doubt its intentional.

she looks enough like that picture of Josie that if i didnt know better it could be her.

so i finally get to sleep, still without hearing from anyone about BCP, i notice carmen has not updated her blog or facebook for some time. not sure why she sent me that message last night, but all the same, it would be nice to hear from her, id like to just have someone to eat a good meal with today, dont really have the money to spend but if it was a woman eating with me instead of a guy i probably would. id eat with a guy too if HE went and paid for the buffet.

so now im awake, getting ready to pack, and won 1 $20 sng on BCP so far today, and i have close to $390 there. and once i hit submit, i need to call my family too. but i had some weird dreams which woke me up.

dreamed i was in a big casino i wasnt familiar with, and i was trying to find a NL game, and all i seen was a 2-4 game. Carmen was sitting at the table, and everyone was talking about Christmas. i took a seat, and she asked me what my cock was going to give her for Christmas, now why i dreamed that i dunno, and of course i would never say that, but i guess it was because of the phone call surprising me. couldnt figure out why she would suddenly be calling me out of the blue. and thats not the only embarrassing thing i dreamed last nite. i dreamed karsten was mocking me imitating me in a christmas religious song, but changed the words to offensive words involving black people.

and with that, i must leave and go check out. sorry to hear about koala, and i hope he gets better. he isnt the only one im worried about whose disappeared.

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