Sunday, December 25, 2011

man its slow online cause of Christmas, but its sure not slow in the golden nugget pokerroom

feels so good to be checked into my room at the 4 queens finally, to know i wont have to move for the next 8 days (except to play in that freeroll at the rio). and i got them to give me a free refridgerator like they always do. and of course, im playing DON sngs on BCP as usual. i guess its gonna be harder than i thought to find buyers on 2+2 unless its dead today due to it being Christmas. im getting very concerned the more the money grows (its over $380 now) about getting it turned into immediate cash before something happens. and vook wouldnt be able to use it since he's getting paid to do all his playing on lock, i doubt he even has a BCP account.

my mom told me something about my son that happened this summer i didnt know, and it seems he did something dumb, similar to what i did when i was 20 and got that felony charge thats ruined my chance to ever find a real job and is why i havent tried for many years. But the person whose house he broke into was very understanding and didnt even charge him criminally.

She told me this story so id better understand why he wont be able to live on his own without her around as he gets older. and as to WHY he has her as his legal guardian though hes an adult. seems like all he ever thinks about, and wants to do, is to go bowling all the time. so hed been talking forever about going to Cimarron KS with some friends of his in lyons who were gonna drive him. so on that morning, they didnt show up and Mark decided to see what was going on. he knocked on their door, no answer, and didnt realize he had broke the lock, and thought the door opened on its own, and neither did the tenants notice the lock was broke til later. so he walked in, said HELLO anyone home, walked into the room they were sleeping, woke them up, they scolded him big time, but still took him bowling. and they discovered the broken lock when they came home, took pictures, and showed them to my mom and Mark and my mother made Mark do a lot of work for her and other people for the next 6 weeks to come up with $200 to pay for the damage to the door. wish id been given the same kind of break when i was 20 to avoid having the felony conviction. Think of what couldve happened if they werent so understanding. Lyons KS is a very small town, and almost everyone there knows Mark and his autism, from his newspaper route and him selling his stories around town.

instead of eating a buffet at the nugget, thats too much money for my meager bankroll to handle, and also a woman on myyearbook staying at the IP still wouldve been willing to eat with me, but id have had to travel to the IP, and im not traveling anywhere. so i spent $6 for the chicken fingers and fries at the Grill, and that was my Christmas meal. am in my room relaxing, i am so short of money i was thrilled to win $52 at the golden nugget poker room, putting my roll back over $3800 again, it was $3700 after paying the cabbie, and i had no choice but to hit and run. room is pretty busy today. also i heard from Carmen again, didnt tell her the dream of course, but she said she might be downtown later today and that she loves that nugget poker room.

How does JG expect me to write more upbeat posts? doesnt she know that the suicide rate is always the highest over the holidays when people realize the most how much they are alone? Christmas really lets me realize how much worse off i am than others and how little i am able to do for others compared to all the people with money. i dont like Christmas much, and am glad to see it out of the way. i used to look forward to it when i was a kid.

ok, now while i was typing, and before i started this paragraph, i heard from a supposedly respected member of 2+2 who does a lot of staking, and is buying up to 20k on BCP. he has a lot of posts in the hi limit transfer thread, had me send first, and says hes with his relatives eating Christmas food, and will transfer when he gets home into my bank acct i also have his cell number too, he says he can trade on a regular basis. hes giving me 90c on the dollar, i sent him $350 and he says hes sending me $315. i just hope he dont rip me off, but he seems well known and respected on 2+2. But since i only left $43 on BCP to play with, i wont be able to sit in the same sngs as vook anymore. im playing $3 and $5 now, maybe $10.

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