Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new low of $6600, i havent been that low since the wsop and i doubt i was that low then, but not sure how to check, since VPN no longer exists.

at least i got one big chore off my mind that was bugging me when i first woke up, (and possibly affected my play.) i now have all my bags from the IP here in my room at the rio, where im good til sunday. its such a pain to have to move rooms every 2-5 days depending on where im staying, but if i run out of rooms, i know of no place in vegas where its safe to rent an apt. although many years ago i lived in some pretty unsafe motels by the week before, wasnt anytime recent, but 10 or so years ago.

before i talk about everything that went wrong last night, i want to talk about one thing i think i did RIGHT. now granted when i first walked into the wynn i was on tilt from being down $600 at the rio, ($200 at poker, and $400 on video poker.) and after losing that at the rio, i went to slotsoffun for my free $100 my host gave me after fixing my address for me back to KS so id qualify for promotions again, and ran it through once and got $81. but i was stuck so much i knew i needed to win big, so i decided to play the VBJ even though u no longer get any comps, and worse yet, it looks like u never played anything at all. at first i was gonna follow the advice i was given on how to beat it, and at least i have the count correct now. but the advice was NOT to martingale, and to only bet $40 or $50 when the true count (not the running count) was at plus 4 or higher. and i ended up often betting about 2 or 3 times that much or more, angry about how much i was stuck, and often betting that big long before the true count got near that high. the real reason i cannot win at VBJ even when i get the count down correct is i cannot tolerate being stuck at all, and i have no patience to wait for the good opportunities, and not overbet my edge and thats the honest truth. not that the system is no good, but i dont have the patience to apply the system as im told to. so because i do not play the machine correctly, by the time i walked into the wynn, i was down $1500 for the nite, and i referred to it as $1900 because i was rounding up instead of down, and was counting a loss yesterday morning as part of it too since i hadnt updated the blog and included it yet.

ok heres what i think i did right. i figured if i was gonna lose all that money anyway, i might as well try one big shot at $2-5 and make a large buyin and hope for a double up so id be somewhat within range of making the loss small enough to be manageable. i walked into the wynn with about $7600, and of course, now im at $6600. Bought into the game for $1024, was trying to buy in for $1124, (all my odd change not in packs of $1000) but the lady on the floor returned $100 to me thinking i was buying in for $1000 in red and $24 in ones. so i never put the other $100 bill into the game. won a pot early on with a bluff of $200 check raise, showed the bluff, nothing but 9 high gutshot draw, and made sure the whole table knew how much i was on tilt. all of which i thought would increase my chances of a big double up, and i had my $1024 up to about $1160.

and heres the hand that really messed me up and after that i lost the remaining $400+ within the next 30-45 minutes. i had QK hearts, and checked it in the BB. flop came QQ6 with 2 diamonds. i checked, and a young guy with lots of chips, but not quite as many as me, bet $15. another guy called, and i raised to $40. the kid called, and i think the other guy mightve folded, but not sure. the safe looking 3 of spades came on the turn, and i shove out $165. (keep in mind the kid has seen me bluff). again he calls and im hoping he has a smaller Q or flush draw and isnt sandbagging a monster. i really thought his most likely hand QJ or QT. on the river, the flush misses, its an 8 of hearts, and i bet $504, enough to make him curious i might be on a missed flush draw. (but they tell me to take the $4 back because i have to bet in $5 increments). he says allin and for a minute i think i owe more, but he has less than my bet. turns out he called me all the way drawing to 2 outs with 88, and hits the boat on the river. i set him up beautifully getting him to mistakenly think his 88 was in the lead, and then he hits the gin card. he was planning to call on the river even if he dont hit the 8, i found out. so i was quite pissed about the outcome of that hand, but i feel like i played it beautifully.

the rest of the chips disappeared with JQ clubs, i called a raise preflop and the flop comes 992 with 2 clubs, and i couldnt lay down 2 overcards and flush draw, and the winner had 10 10. he got me allin on the turn, and i missed, and walked out of there with the $4 blue. everyone yelled to the floor i took chips off the game, the floor caught up to me and i showed them all i had was the $4 that didnt play, and then i was told they DO play at the wynn if u are allin. not sure if that ruling is correct or not, does anyone know, so i handed him back the $4, he asked me if that was all i took and i verified it and walked away while he headed back into the room. i walked outside, walked all the way to the IP, got my bags and left in a cab. s little scary when i walked over the bridge to the palazzo from wynn still carrying my entire $5100 left of the $7900 cash i had on me 24 hours ago. (since a black homeless guy and i were the only ones up there for a minute). but it was daylight about 7am or 7.30.

not sure what to do, but i cannot under any circumstances play any more machines, ive barely got left 30 buyins of $200, and i dont remember being this low on money in about 18 months, but not entirely sure, because theres no way to search old vpn threads. also im not gonna buyin large anymore either, that was my last chance to try and recover buying into a bigger game and it didnt work out. wouldve had it not been for that suckout.

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