Friday, December 16, 2011

on the way back up, although u wont notice it from my new total.

this blog will take a while to type, this update is long in coming, didnt get around to doing it before i went to sleep yesterday (although some of u seem my twitter and facebook feeds) and of course by the time i woke up about midnite i just wanted to go and play poker instead of wasting a lot of time online. even though a lot of good players play at the rio, most of whom hate me, theres still some nice sized pots here. unlike all the other places i play at i only seen one guy who usually buys in under $100 here, and he did on all 3 of his buyins tonite.

the night before, i went down to the poker room, and proceeded to be hungry while i was playing, and it mightve kept me from playing my best. (was ahead over $100) and then ended up giving it all back, too long ago to remember any hands, and then i rebought $300 even though i wanted to leave because i had 6 more free hands til i was BB again. by the time the BB did finally get to me i wouldnt leave, and proceeded to lose the whole $300 but it was not on a bad play, but a coin flip. (i raised to $25 preflop, over his $10 raise and he shoved allin and i called with ak vs his 10-10). and then missed. i wanted to flip the coin not only because i was behind, but because of the dead money already in the middle too.

so i left the room immediately after that hand (out a total of $488 buyins) and went out and lost about $400-500 more in a slot gemtiles machine, mostly flat betting $4 a hand later on, 20 lines 20 credits a line, thanks zippyboy. i have not won since the beginning on that machine, why does he prefer that machine?

so anyway i went to my room, and wrote down a new low total of $5700. posted on facebook, twitter, but didnt update the blog. and then i took a cab over to the trop to try and fix my hours to where i could play days, thinking a low risk way to recover my roll might be to play during the daytime and get the $10 per hour. I seen the black guy Mark playing over there from Osheas, whose always very nice and helpful to me. (not the guy whose with Laura, but another guy). and i think i recognized 2 others. all of whom are regulars who like promos, so its not exactly an easy game. i bought in only $100 because id dropped my roll so much i wanted to cut down the amount of my buyin. but then i started winning. at one point my $100 was at $456.i moved to the 2nd table and started it 4 handed, so i wouldnt have to sit in the middle anymore. and i wasnt at $456 yet then. but once the table started filling up and i started giving it back, and being tired, i decided to leave about 12.45pm and come back for the 8pm drawing and i still dont know if i missed out or not. i left with $210 profit and was feeling good that i was on the way back.

and that was AFTER i read Josies post that i could make it back sticking to only poker, and that everyone should support me not to go broke and end up on the street. in fact i have only won since seeing that post, and have not played any more machines. when i left the trop i went straight to my room and to sleep. u see the guy or guys or whoever tried to suggest i can win at VBJ if i play them properly, (and who knows maybe i can, but i dont have the roll or discipline to) didnt really effect my life all that much except ill have to buyin for less now, play smaller, and miss out on traveling to the east coast like id planned for the first week of january after amtrak fares go back down. they go way up during about 2 weeks around christmas. and i couldve seen my family on the way there. so its not really ME they hurt, but my family. but of course they didnt care about that.

now tonight, i got up a little before midnite, read my emails, still didnt update blog, and went downstairs to play poker here in the rio. got seated in a favorite seat and started playing with $160. (still a little smaller buyin that my last buyin at the rio yesterday). started the night with about $5900, and ended the night with a little over $6000. took a loss early on down to about $80 and eventually climbed back. while i was doing poorly early on, i kept having to fold an awful lot. and there were a lot of young rich kids at the table who played a lot of poker. guys who didnt have bankroll stresses. and one kid on my immediate left had over $700. i had had to fold every single hand but my blinds for about 5 orbits, and finally got 10 10 in the SB. only thing was everyone had folded and i really was wanting to play the hand. so i raised instead of chopped like i normally would since i knew he didnt need the money and i did. he'd been winning steadily all night. and plays all the time in there. it didnt offend him, but it did offend another player at the table who hadnt liked me anyway because of me thinking he was going south the day before and then i realized he wasnt, and because hes a guy with a lot of money who dont like shortstackers, it really offended him, plus he remembered me saying something about him being a donkey about 8 months ago that i did not remember at all.

so later on when everyone moves to the final remaining table, he ends up on my immediate right. (the guy who didnt like me.) and he asks me if im planning to chop, and i didnt feel like answering and said id decide later depending on how im doing, so then he said we'd never chop. funny thing is, we never ended up HU anyways all nite preflop. and on the other side of me is a young kid i used to think was a nice guy. since he drove me once to the IP from the riviera. for $6, but he had me give it to the dealers instead of him. hes often with a friend from out of town and they both look very very young and always play together. well earlier, one of them limped in with a big hand, the other guy raised to $12, a few of us including me called the $12, then the limper made it $50 and his friend shoves allin. so i said hey thats collusion, but i didnt care, i was gonna fold anyway for the $50 and certainly didnt care enough to complain. (they were both sitting together my immediate left). well the guy who got offended the most by what i said was not him, but the guy on my immediate right who disliked me, and he said his opinion of me on a 1-10 scale went from 0 to minus 1. but yeah i guess it offended the kid too because he wouldnt chop with me either afterwards, and didnt seem that friendly anymore. i was offended because i felt like everyone sitting there shouldve known i wasnt really serious when i said collusion and not took what i said so seriously. and because i was angry they took me serious, i never bothered to tell them i was joking. and as the morning before, at one point i was a little over $450, and eventually left with around $300. lost it back with a hand ive already forgotten as usual.

i do also remember beating the kids friend once with QQ on a board of 274 and 2 spades and he had AQ spades, and mightve thought he was good when the queen hit the turn. since he went allin on me and i needed to know what he shoved allin with, it was on him to show first so i waited til the river to show which i had every right to do. of course i did show immediately when he did. they claimed before their roll is higher than mine but i did see them buying food from the whopper Burger king bar upstairs and that burger king is not a regular BK at all, cheapest sandwich is like $8. one got the food for the other and they were sitting there eating breakfast food.

i left the game right away after the 7am drawing.

as worried and as stressed as i am about going broke, theres no way in hell im gonna be either playing a machine, or cutting people breaks who dont need the money when i desperately do. ive cut people a lot of breaks before chopping very good hands, who i dont know if they really appreciated it, but i dont like being asked if ill chop before the times comes for them to know, and when im heavily stuck, i feel like im being "panhandled" if a guy with a lot of money expects me to let him keep his $3 bb when i get a very strong hand ive been waiting for all night. i would not get mad at all if a guy stole my BB if he had a strong hand instead of chopping, thats his right, as long as he shows it so id know hes not just being an ass. especially if it was a guy like pokermase who really needed the money. what i dont like is assholes who wont chop with me just cause i dont chop with someone else.

since i have less money than a lot of others, i have a right to do things in my best financial interests that people with a lot of money shouldnt do just to be sociable. alot of people who arent nearly as smart as me mathwise have more money and that isnt right. a lot of people who are younger than me have more and thats not right either. i deserve the money a lot more because of my seniority and all the time i put in at the tables that they havent. thats why i get so angry with myself for playing machines, and why i dont want to play them anymore.

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