Friday, December 2, 2011

relaxing in my room but wont sleep yet, will return to the poker table

i came here to charge up my phone, and to bring home the box of 4 nice shirts that arent tshirts that tatude sent to my box in the flamingos UPS store. also my mother will send my xmas gifts there too. and i paid $20 today to renew the box another month.

first thing i did when waking up besides talking to vince and making plans for him to drop off my laundry tomorrow and drive me to the lucky club 5-6pm to be there in time to drop off the tickets before the drawing was to go to ceasers and i found out i have $250 in free play, and i also got a strong flashlight with the points left over. and david shapiro was the one who worked behind the desk.

so i went to the IP to play the $250 in that big split machine with a much worse paytable than in reno, no wonder im losing. i was irritated i was under $200 after id ran it thru 1 time, so decided to play til it was back over, and eventually left an hour later with only $75 and quite pissed off. ive dropped so much in VP in harrahs properties in the past week. then i played poker at osheas for a little while and won about $120 more.

These look like nice shirts, am surprised 4 fit into such a tiny box. and i found out im now certified as a hi roller again, allowing me to cashout dollar for dollar, so i can claim my $200 cashback friday nite along with a possibility of winning in fridays drawing tomorrow nite, and run thru my first $50 in free play of the $195. rolls now back to $8100 from $7900. also i might have $100 or $200 free slot play at binions, im unsure because i havent gotten any mail, although last month i got my usual free play. but the month before sept and oct were combined, so i played it all in sept before i left town. i am setup for a free room at the 4 queens dec 3, 4 and 5th, and then back to the IP for 5 more free days dec 6-10.

besides thanking tatude one final thing to say, i now have $5 again on black chip poker, got my monthly $8 cashback, it was very little because since i lost all my money i didnt sell for cash very early in the month i never redeposited.

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