Friday, December 30, 2011

rolls back to $4400

won a little over $100 today and shouldve won more had i gotten paid both times for aa cracked instead of just the once. and i wont be in my room too long am just charging up my phone. sure am curious who melissa ended up staying with, guy or woman, or if she left town or went to a shelter. she was thinking of going to laughlin on the $5 shuttle. i cant go because i had too many bags, all she had was a small backpack. i have to use the more expensive tour bus, or the shuttle which is even more. not sure why she didnt answer my texts maybe she was mad i couldnt loan any money. and realized how little money im able to spare.

and im wondering if carmen got picked up by her PO for whatever reason, total silence on her cell, blog, and facebook page, and now i have the correct cell number again since she texted me. she must of been in some kind of trouble when she asked me if i wanted to hangout. this was a good 4 days back now. she is a better looking woman and at least she actually likes poker, i dont have money to give to either woman, but i think id preferred hanging out with her.

yeah i had a win, in both sessions, and also picked back up the $40, so im finally just in the $4400s, and ive definitely got my work cut out. should be over $4500 after i get my $200 free play at binions jan 1, and i am hoping to be in the $6000s by my birthday feb 10, and once i get that high, i think id even be able to find housing on the east coast, and wouldnt have to worry about going busted. didnt play any machines today. am so glad i will not have to deal with another bus all of NYE.

i havent done so, but am wondering if i should call the jail to see if carmen is there?

also does anyone know a terri who used to be darlenes friend at the snack bar in binions and the dealer razzos friend who worked there years ago. she too hung out with me, got me banned at excaliber, this was years ago, also got me banned in mesquite. she kept coming back, she was homeless, in need of money watched me play poker and just wanted a friend, but had a hard time putting up with my idiosyncraises. last i seen her was when george fisher ran binions, and she went to arizona to live and still sometimes came up to vegas during the wsop.

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