Monday, December 12, 2011

still having problems with relationships, and i really dont see what i did that was wrong.

I really miss Britni. first time she hasnt been online at all in almost a month, im really worried about her health. i used to depend on her so much for life advice. she always told me that she wouldnt be around forever, told me she might be offline for months (traveling in europe or canada with family) and told me to be closer to my family, and to learn how to meet and talk to women and make friends. well ive tried that repeatedly, and it never works, always ends up getting me nervous and worried and causes hurt feelings and anger. and of course, no one ever explains to me what im doing wrong, instead they just dont say anything. (u all seen how i never realized what happened to carmen.) although i dont think it was my posts, regardless of what u guys say, she offered to hangout AFTER SEEING MY POSTS OFFERING TO HELP. so i think the truth was, she just didnt think i looked near as good as i do in my facebook pic, most women feel the exact way. now i wouldnt be a bit surprised if someone at bills also told her something that put me in a bad light, or her mom if she is a regular there, but looks are where a woman gets her first impression, so i think that if im unattractive nothing wouldve made her want to hang out, and if i was good looking it wouldnt matter how much she might think im nuts, she would overlook it. thats just how women are, and it will never change. pokerdogg never said either on his old comments how i offended her in my posts. i just wish shed either take me off facebook or stop allowing me to post in her blog, cause that wouldve got me to never post again, which i dont ever feel like doing anyway.

wish i could just get out of vegas and move east, away from all my problems. maybe veryJosie is a little nicer and would meet and hang out in the pokeroom and give advice, without caring what i look like as much. maybe i just should shave although its a ton of work and i hate it so much. my mom always insisted i did at her house growing up. and brush my teeth, so i grew to hate and resent it.

i accidently left something out in the first half of todays blog. i forgot to say why i went over to the lucky club in the first place. i wanted to test out the truth of the info that blackjack Pro sent my email. and of course i still dont know the truth, due to insufficient testing and not really betting the way he wouldve done the betting with the info.

this is what he told me. and if fristen from seattle/oregon and company is still reading my blog (highly doubt it) id like to know the validity of the info. he says this is how a counter can beat the machine, and that hes been told NOT to play this machine at certain casinos, due to it. for winning way too much. he claims that u go to an EMPTY machine no one is on, (which i tend to do anyway.)and he claims that the SHUFFLE BEGINS when money is inserted into an empty machine, and from that point on its every 208 cards. and he says that if u LEAVE the machine and take ur money OUT, as soon as someone puts money in the machine again, (not a players card, but actual money or a ticket), that it will start up another shuffle. (if no one is on a machine, the 208 cards to go til the shuffle never takes place.)anytime u put money into an EMPTY machine, it will start up the shuffle. if u put money into a machine with OTHER PLAYERS already on it, no it will not shuffle it will shuffle at the regular time. it will only start a shuffle at either the 208 card mark, or when money is put into an EMPTY machine.

have u guessed yet how a counter can ABUSE this info? if the shoe becomes negative, he takes his money out, which ends that shoe, (if hes at an empty machine that is without any other players) then reinserts money again, which resets the deck, and a shuffle takes place and u start with a fresh shoe and it starts counting out 208 cards all over again. essentially what hes saying is u can shuffle the deck anytime at will, in which case all negative counts can be shuffled away, and u can play only when the deck is positive, and know exactly how much its positive at all times. could be true, could not be true, but instead of getting impatient to get even and betting too big when down, i shouldve flattened my bets a little more, and bet entirely by the count and not on the previous hands wins or loss. thats the only way to really test the info out. it might be true because i just seen 1 more casino toughen up the rules again today. this casino was slots of fun, where my very little action i gave them recently caused me to get NO freeplay this month. u see the bad news about slotsoffun, they quit giving comps on ur card or points altogether on those machines, and they just started that, i could always get comps and cashback on them machines before. why would they do that, as much as i lost on them, unless its true theres a way a much more disciplined player than me is beating them.

i have a 3rd and final post dealing with facebook and relationships, but as of now im way too tired to post it, so im logging off to sleep.

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