Monday, December 12, 2011

this is so big im breaking it down into 2 parts since i dont update often enough. its too hard to type on here from cell instead of from laptop keyboard.

am in room, after vince picked me up at the lucky club and brought me home. and i went the entire nite without eating, never really felt hungry til in vinces car and we stopped at the mcdonalds outside circus before i went up the street to my room.

I'm sure some of u read my twitter and know about the $1600 loss, and if u dont u soon will know the details. First, i want to tell u about a special offer for those of u who are tourists and might be needing a cheap room on the strip in Vegas within the next month. How would u like to stay in a hotel for not much more than $30 id guess, and then get back $35 in match plays, which would have an EV of about $0 for the room over the long haul? this is something i just found out after i checked in.

This is what i should be doing as a journalist, creating value for my customers. (although i tried that at the lucky club and it didnt work out too well.)this time at least, no one will be mad. i had an offer for 2 nites at the riviera, and when my 5 days at the IP were used up, i needed somewhere to be for 2 nites. so i checked in here, and was given a coupon book, that i assumed was useless as are many coupon books. was pleasently surprised to find both a $10 and a $25 match play coupon that can be used for either the BJ and the roulette tables, (not craps and no idea why.) also the riv has a single deck $10 3-2 BJ game in case anyone wants to know. this coupon book is so valuable it would never be one u could get ur hands on free or all the bums would be abusing the coupons. i hope someone is pleased with me letting them know this information.

now the night before i didnt update because i was too tired, was busy relocating rooms when i finally left the TROP and went back to my room in the IP. i must say the Trop has a great promo with the $10 an hour and the cannon game, although ive not yet done the $10 an hour, i worry it will be too nitty. and i sleep the wrong hours too. But one of the big promos going on at the Trop that will bring in extra customers is Jamie Gold wsop winner playing in there every nite. and they are letting him play 2 tables at once, and they all also letting him run it 1,2, or 3 times. either the flop turn and river, or just the river. (if 2 players allin and both agree). He does tend to liven up the game and his bodyguard is right by him. and the cannon is always nice to me, although ive not yet gotten her to check out my blog and offer advice. hoping thats not a bad idea. i was stuck about $75 when i went over to the trop that nite, (i think on a machine) and by the time i went home from the trop, i was up about $100.

tonite i started off when i seen no game at the riv (its been changed from $1-2 NL to $1-3 NL by the way,) i went over to the wynn because i had $50 in free play coming that could ONLY be used mon-thurs of this week, and again the week of christmas, missing a week in between. i started off playing poker though, since it wasnt midnite yet, and caught myself making a bad play. this was after i was once up $71, and then was stuck again and getting bored and discouraged. i made a call with KQ with one heart on a board of AK6 with 2 hearts, turn 8 hearts, and i called, and river is an A, and i called, and sure enough he had aaaK5. lost quite a bit that hand, shouldve never played past the flop. first bad call was preflop to a raise.

i got some cookies, candy bars, socks, a nice shirt, and pajamas from my mom and son in a package for christmas. and i sent them $80 online earlier this month because mom wanted me to purchase her something (she has NO credit or debit cards) and told me shed pay me and i said to no, just use it for their christmas. But now i dont feel like it was enough, since it looks like $50 or so was used for mine including postage. so im going to send $100 more online today, and then ill have sent $180 and now that im no better off than i was when i first got back to vegas hardly, thats a lot for a homeless guy.

im breaking this blog into 2 parts, because i have way way too much to type. going to submit this first post now.

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