Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this will be a very short post, but i want to explain what u have to put urself through to survive when ur bankrolls this low, and none of the other playes understand. at least not those with moolah

and as usual if u want to chat with me NOW, i am playing $10 don sngs on bcp. with a current balance of $98. still am looking for someone local who plays merge to make it easy to sell money online at 80% or better to get it out INSTANTLY once it reaches enough to sell.

i did not want to keep my reservation at the rio after dropping so much last week, because i didnt feel like i could afford their $1-3 game anymore. i tried to get Vince to stop by the IP first and see if i could transfer my reservation, but he said he didnt have time, so he took me straight to rio, so i could claim my bags id left behind from the bellman, give him the laundry to wash, and check into my room. had i not left my bags at the belldesk at the rio for the last 2 days after id checked out, i wouldnt be staying at rio now. the IP works out better for me since its closer to osheas and bills, which are the only 2 games i can really afford to be buying into right now.

but its the middle of the nite, and it was 4.20 in the morning, and if u get seated by 4.30 and get in 15 minutes play, u qualify for the 5am drawing for $100. so i sat and i sat with only the minimum buyin of $60 because i knew i couldnt afford to play $1-3 so i didnt want to lose much, also i was uncomfortable in the #1 seat and of course its filled with all the good players (local freeroll guys). and some of the stacks were rather deep, including rich guy ken who brags all the time about how great his life is, and also an asian guy was deep. I am not sure (and need to find out) if i have enough hours yet for the freeroll on dec 26 in which 30 guys each get $500. i dont have much luck with freerolls, but i would certainly try very hard to make the money in that if i qualify. i might be able to qualify getting in 20 hours instead of 40, but id only have half the chips.

so im sitting there with $60 only, and the only playable hands im getting with QJ suited, QT suited are always in the wrong position, either under the gun or very early, and im always having to fold once its raised preflop. once i managed to steal the blinds with A2 suited when all folded and i was on the button. the guys playing at this time in the morning at the rio definitely know what they are doing, even though some of these guys have money. Like i said, its really not a good game for me, but the drawing is about to take place, and the last thing i want to do is start off the day wasting $10 on a cab.

if only online poker would start up again, i could make a ton of money from home. i never had the roll to grind it for decent money back in the good old days.

so im sitting there with $60 and slowly drifting downward to like $30-40 and suddenly i win the drawing for $100. and then 2 hands later the BB gets to me. well u being in my situation, with so little a bankroll, no job, car, home, or income, what would u do? i know some people might hate me, but its not their Goddamn money and i feel like i got no choice. i pick up and leave, cash out, and im up about $80 for the nite, and im sure ill leave the room again sometime soon, but not before its light enough to catch a bus, or i can buy back in for $60. Now u see why its so important to never let ur bankroll get down to the critical level. its a real pain in the butt to have to play this way, instead of having plenty of $200-300 buyins where u can play normally and not go completely off ur rocker if u lose 2-3 of them in a row.

and as for disappearing, i thank Ron for his advice about FL, i do need to get there as quickly as possible after the first of the year. only question is how, and can i afford to travel? i hear the orange park casino outside jacksonville is best, and there are no machines there. 2nd best is tampa. only problem is u cannot get there via amtrak from vegas, only from philadelphia. new orleans is the furtherest east u can go, they never rebuilt the bridge into MS after katrina. FL is the only affordable place i can go to without machines that i know of, where they do the drop properly instead of the way cali does it.

i survived 2 months before in florida with a $600 roll, and left with a $1300 roll. i never went broke there.

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