Saturday, December 31, 2011

time to post a new entry

waking up, today is NYE. never once heard from Melissa since, pretty sure what happened was it dawned on her broke i was. im sure she probably got the wrong idea when looking at my original profile. or maybe since she dont play poker and understands the need for a large bankroll, she just thinks im stingy.

another guy i know darrell, who never has any bankroll, said he was staying at a cheap place at twain and paradise for $150 a week, and that was all the money he had and he dont know what hes doing when it expires and still needs staked. although he is working a little bit.

when i had less than $1000, i never even considered spending the money to pay for a place to live. yet women like melissa use their only $78 to their name just to keep their room at IP one additional day, (this was before i got her in those 2 days free). To me that is so wasteful, and to other people the idea of not having a place at all is too distasteful. But they are gonna be in that shape anyway isnt it better to be in that shape with $78-150 in their pocket than totally broke? to me it makes no sense at all.

it will be nice today not to have to leave downtown at all, but i will be staying at ballys jan 2,3,4,5,6th. and i was worried about where id be during the CES. but i managed to get back into binions jan 7-13 thru my host, only problem is im practically out of comps and the room will not be free, so ill have to pay for it. am lucky to have a room anywhere in town at all i guess, thought sure id have to leave town on the 7th to the east coast.

Glad i found out why carmen dropped out of sight, i wondered whose seen her cell phone texts since she entered the jail? at least the reason she didnt respond wasnt because she read in my blog last week about my dream in which she asked me what my cock was going to give her for Christmas, i was afraid thats why, just like i think someone opened their mouth to melissa and made her run.

and right after midnite tonite im gonna have to play a machine, i have my $200 free play at binions, may be the last time ill ever get it, hopefully i can cashout $190 of it or more after running it thru.

and i heard the fitz is closing their poker room jan 15, they never ever got a cash game anymore anyway. how do i get anyone i know to come hangout downtown on NYE? i got to sleep much later last nite, after 1.30am to help me play during better hours.

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