Friday, December 23, 2011

wasting a lot of time in my rooms so i wont lose any money, and wont play any machines. only thing i can win at is online

soon as i came home, i ate the food i bought in the gift shop at ballys with comp dollars, (bills now lets u transfer all ur comp dollars there onto ur harrahs card, so i transferred $34 over) and i got one big thing off my mind today, (ive been worried theyd be no vacancy at 4 queens, and i wouldnt be able to take advantage of my free room offer mailed over NYE.) finally reached a host, and im booked into the 4 queens dec 25-jan2 for 8 nites. dec 25 is free ill be charged $24 in comps a nite dec26-29, and have dec 30-jan1 comped. so i wont have to move rooms for 8 days, and ive got a decent poker game to play in but ill have to gamble, in the sense i gotta buyin at least $100 and play a little bit higher limit at $1-2. sure hope i dont drop any.

and my current 5 days free at the rio end on the morning of dec 25, dec 24 is my last nite at rio. the freeroll is dec 26, and ill have to be back of course. ill have a really tough time making the money and really and truly need a partner for the tourney which i dont have of course, but i could sure use the $500 if i win. must be woken up to be awake for the tourney. i couldnt stay at the rio the day of the tourney because of the 2 days i must be out, and i didnt book it right back in because i need to be downtown anyway so im not constantly switching rooms moving back and forth. im getting old and im tired of not having an apt, but no longer have enough money to rent a place.

i'm sitting in a $20 DON sng online with vook, and i dont think he even knows im at the table. earlier i took a horrible beat to lose a $50 sng. but of course, i dont consider my BCP poker money as part of my bankroll. i have $105 there still if i lose the sng. still need to find one trustworthy person to buy money there at 80-90% on the dollar who can buy it absolutely anytime i want immediate cash put in my bank account. then id feel a lot more comfortable having money there, because i really need a way to play online from room. im winning there easier, games are better, and it keeps me away from machines. ive spent a lot of time sleeping there too.

proud to say i have not touched any machines again today, nor did i the day before. roll is hanging just over $4100 still, (havent won anything either, broke right about even again). the guy i was talking to at the orleans who staked me wants to start an autism foundation and maybe stake me. he said he'd get back in touch, i lost the stake for him that day on a bad beat, all but $24 of it. he is from Phoenix, and writes computer language code, also has done it for some slots. (not the VBJ one though).

i won the sng i was in with vook, and i just seen him register for a $100 sng, so i think ill join it with him. Now of course, if i considered this money as part of my bankroll id never play one that high. But until i find a way to easily sell this money for immediate cash, it just doesnt seem like real money. of course, watching the news lately seems like the govt will quit closing down pokersites that dont have sportsbook and that maybe NV will soon have online poker.

i cannot leave town right away. ive got the freeroll coming up, and my $200 in free play at binions the first of Jan. also ive got some coupons for 3 $20 match plays at various harrahs properties within the next 30 days and a $50 free play in feb sent to me in the mail. (if im still in town by then.) am almost out of comps at binions, after paying for these rooms, and will soon have my comps cutoff there too since im not playing machines. sure hope i start winning at live poker soon so i can afford the additional costs of housing. thats why i might as well be in FL, i wont get free rooms here much more.

i am not going to want to spend money buying a $7 daily pass on christmas for the bus, but it would be nice to eat a buffet somewhere. wish i had someone to spend xmas with. none of the women ive talked to online would feel much like hanging out with me since id be too stressed about money to talk about anything else other than all my worries about my future. i dont understand why im not winning. im not playing anything anymore but poker. i shouldnt be wasting time in that game at bills though, i just dont want to lose anything big. but ill be in the game downtown soon.

well i just ended up winning the $100 sng and at one point i was down to 265 chips so i feel a lot better now, vook also won it. most of the guys didnt shove enough imo, one guy wanted to call too much. u dont flip in a DON sng like u do a cash game. i was mostly playing instead of updating the blog.

still very worried britni is dead or overseas, wish i knew a private detective willing to find out that she is alive and where she is.

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