Saturday, December 24, 2011

well ive got good news, and bad news.

as usual im in my room writing this, playing low stakes (maybe high stakes) sngs on BCP. the only good news ive possibly got to report is im not wasting any money in machines. Being able to play online poker in my room is similar to playing a machine, in the sense i can play ALONE and not have to wait as long for a hand. thats why i wish i could ONLY play online in my room and grind out money.

i started off the day walking downstairs in the rio about 7.30am, no seats available, 3 on the list, so i walked outside and took a cab to ballys for $8. no seat available there either, so i walked thru bills, locked up a seat for 10am aces cracked, and ended up playing the flamingo. was down about $16 more when the game finally started up at bills.

took a beat early on when i had AT suited. flop came A35 and i bet and he called. turn comes 10. i bet quite a bit more, and he calls. (my buyin was $46). river comes 4. well i dont like that card, but if he has me beat HE WILL BET ANYHOW, so quit thinking its a bad bet. i shove my last $22 and he calls with 23? what was he doing in there for?

rebuy $100 and soon thereafter lose another $35 but i dont even remember what with to a different guy. and it all went downhill from there. left, ate in flamingo diamond lounge, made some trading posts online, and seen still no game osheas or IP. went back to bills, (dumb) and rebought $100 more and lost. then walked to ballys, played a while, was down $38 more and left when a guy on 2+2 was gonna buy my BCP, but ive not heard from him since, not sure he is really gonna do it, or if he actually could at this time.

so now my rolls only $3800. praying to do good in dec 26 freeroll. other than playing in it, i dont plan to leave downtown the whole 8 days im there. will be nice not to have to move rooms, and on Jan 1 ill have $200 in free play back, of course i must immediately cash out as soon as its played thru 1 time and not do what i did during the great gift wrapup promo.

cannot lose on BCP for anything, really will be glad when i get this sold. too bad i cant do nothing but build money up online. up to $334 on BCP now. all off $8 in rakeback. ive never deposited more than $25 into this site, and once before i sold $276 for $230, so im already way ahead off my initial deposit. sure hope Josie or anyone else doesnt sign up here without letting me link them up to the same $125 bankroll for the initial $25 deposit that i got. until its sold, it feels like play money.

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